3-Day Immersive Astrology Experience (Virtual)

Dates: September 25, 26 and 27

Place: In front of your computer

Schedule: 11 am – 6 pm ET (may vary)

There will be a replay of the whole event!


I’m sooo happy to announce that I will be holding my first online retreat with Marina whom I had a great astrological connection with at Lada’s retreat. We had similar views, completely different approach.

  • I will be talking about the bliss and blessings of the chart
  • I will show you how to see the positives in your chart.
  • A completely different and new approach to Jupiter
  • Why detriment and fall are not always that bad? How to know when they are bad or “good”

And last, but not least

LIFE MISSION – What you should achieve this lifetime

Marina will take on business astrology, how to make great business decisions.

If you are interested, sign up.

There will be a recording available of the 3 days


Astro ViktorCohost

Marina StoichkovaCohost

Lada DunchevaGuest



The bliss and blessings in your chart – presented by Viktor

Viktor has more than 20-year experience with astrology. He has run the apprenticeship program for Lada’s audience for 2 years with plenty of success.

In this chapter of the retreat, Viktor will show you how to identify the sweet spot of your chart which can lead to joy and happiness.
We will discover the benefits of Jupiter and Venus in the natal chart; a new approach to Jupiter; any hidden talents; how to find your vocational call; planets in detriment and fall. How bad are they?

Business Astrology – presented by Marina Stoichkova

Marina has extensive experience as a teacher and consultant. She has created her own astrology academy and is dedicated to providing a systematized and practical knowledge.

She will teach you the fundamental principles of business astrology; how to take the best business decisions by using astrology; how to consult a client in terms of business decisions and how to interpret a company chart.

How to start your astrology business – presented by Lada Duncheva

Lada is one of the most successful astrologers with more than 10-year experiences. She has created a platform where she features some of the best astrologers.

During her presentation, you will learn how she has managed to create and grow her business without big investments and support.


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