Are planets in detriment and fall really bad?

You need to have an understanding of signs, houses, and planetary meanings.
This workshop will be approximately 4 hours.
Recorded Video + Slide Presentation


In this workshop, we will examine planets in fall and detriment to see their impact on our lives and see how we can work with them.
Planets in fall and detriment are considered to be malefic as planets can not express their energy to the fullest, but we can use them for our benefit.
I will work you through how to use them as a ” remedy” in our lives.
Each of your houses has a planet that holds that area of life back!
For example, in my chart, the 7th house is kept in detriment by Moon.
If I want to heal that area of life then I need to focus on the Moon.
It is different for everyone.
This webinar won’t talk to you about crystals and stones to wear and so forth. We will be looking at the psychological meaning of them.
What will we cover?
– each planet in their detriment and fall position and why
– how to see what is holding back a particular area of life


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