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Aspect Masterclass

Duration: 8 weeks

Hours: Minimum of 30 hours


This is an aspect class, which is the most comprehensive you will ever find online and all in one place.

It is truly important for those who want to understand their chart more.

You will need general knowledge over houses, signs and planets.

Topics discussed:


– difference between applying and separating aspects

– how to work with different aspects

– how to spot them

– the importance of small aspects ( when and when not to use them)

– out of sign aspects

– When is Square a challenge in our chart or when is it not?

– How to use dignity table

– The planetary joy ( which house does each planet like to be placed the most?)

– Sect and Doctrine


1.)  Ptolemic aspects

– Conjunction

– Sextile

– Square

– Trine

– Opposition

2.) Harmonious secondary aspects:

– sextile

– trine

3.) Challenging aspects:

– Square

– Opposition

– Semi – square

– Sesqui-square

4.) Talent and genius aspects:

– decile

– quintile

– biquintile

– tredecile

5.) Karmic aspects:

– quincunx

– semi sextile

– novile

– septile

– biseptile

6.) Obsession aspects:

– quindecile

7.) Declination aspects:

– parallel

– contra-parallel

– bi – directed aspect

8.) Chart configurations / aspect configurations:

– baskets

– buckets

– rectangle

– grand trine

– T-square

– Grand Cross

– The Yod

– Boomerang

– The Seal of Solomon

– Stellium

– Kite

– Cradle

– Envelope

– The arrow

– Butterfly

– Hammer

– Hour glass

– Trapeze

– Merkaba

– pentagram

–  locomotive

– Bundle

– Splash

– See-Saw

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2 reviews for Aspect Masterclass

  1. Kangi’ Cosmos

    FINALLY, an astrologer who offers teachings in his course about Novile, Quintiles, Septiles, Quindeciles and more. I have been searching for more golden nuggets of information regarding these aspects for over 3 years now. So many course’s I’ve seen, offered main aspects like Trines, squares, oppositions, sextiles and conjunctions with a few YOD aspects (Yes Viktor covers these too), BUT nothing offered minor aspects like this course.

    AND there is soooo such more that Viktor teaches in this course. If your tired of the watered down, humdrum astrology, look no further. This course is for you! I took the course live but I highly recommend ordering this course to anyone who missed the live course and being able to digest all the information at your own pace.

    Viktor skillfully merges ancient astrology techniques as well as including modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

    I first became Viktor’s student with his Horary course. Which blew me away. I studied it on my own, off and on for 2 years, and Viktor gave me the “Ah ha” moments! Viktor gave me confidence in my abilities with Horary.
    Viktors knowledge is so vaste, and my heart is so glad that I finally found a Master Astrologer who brings many techniques for chart interpretation. This is how I have always seen Astrology (merging and incorporating past to future) and am so happy I’m not alone in my thinking.

    Thank you Viktor for your never ending guidance!

  2. goddessbms

    I thought I was taking this class to become a better astrologer but I ended up also learning so much about myself looking at my chart for aspects. I learned so much as a result of this class and my confidence as an astrologer has soared. Viktor is the best!

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