Profection Part 2

Profection Part 2 

Live webinar with Viktor

Duration: 4 hours

Date: 29th March 2020

Time: 5pm, Budapest Time or 6pm EEST


Profection is one of the most ancient and EASIEST timing techniques of all time and it is such a great tool to gain more clarity over your SOLAR RETURN chart.

This has been by far the most successful webinar we have ever held and the reason is, because profection works. Everyone talks about it now and uses it.

We will run through the basic principles of Profection:

– how to connect your birthday to different life themes

– how to forecast events with profection and solar return

– how to use solar return chart

– how to work with the time lord planet and get the most positive outcome from them

– how to do profection from different angles

MONTHLY and DAILY profection

– how to profect from different points of the chart. ( YES – you can profect not only from the ascendant, but from any point of the chart)

– plenty of examples with the possibility of practising yourself with the guidance of Viktor


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