WEBINAR: Abundance and Career

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Most of the questions I receive as a professional astrologer is in regards to what job they should be doing in order for them to become happy and abundant in their lives.


When I was 18 and I had my very first reading and I was completely blown away by how accurate they were about my life up till then, but I was very sceptical about becoming an astrologer. I did not know about my talent. I needed someone to believe in me and let me know what I can be extremely good at.

18 years later, here I am and I will teach you how to choose the best vocation for yourself.

In this 6-7 hour webinar you will learn:

  • how to see what your life purpose is

  • planetary combination of wealth ( there are at least 15 and all indicates different field)

  • how easy it is for you to attract success

  • planets and their job-related meaning

  • what houses indicate success and profession

  • POF

  • Are you meant to be working for others or for yourself?

  • Why Ascendant is a crucial point in your chart when choosing a career

  • Mastering the Midheaven

  • What vocational meaning does each house have?

  • Timing of career change with 4-5 different timing techniques

  • How to determine what type of business to open

  • What gives you abundance / how to attract money through your personal chart


This course is designed for low intermediate to advanced students. 

Viktor will teach you to step by step from a low intermediate to advanced level to see different indications of what career to offer or choose from.


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