Full Moon in Scorpio 07 May 2020

In the Full Moon phase, the two Luminaries are in opposition, in our case, the Moon is in the degree 17:20 Scorpio and the Sun is in the degree 17:20 Taurus. In astrological language, the Full Moon is the culmination of actions begun in the past (October 28, 2019 when it was the new moon in Scorpio), now we can reap beautiful fruits, we can shine or we can realize that the failure of an action is only the result of a wrong choice. In simple words, a Full Moon illuminates problems that already exist, that have not been solved or that have been solved but in disagreement with divine requirements. At the same time, a Full Moon can bring substantial bonuses if we deserve them.

Polarity Scorpio-Taurus deals with balancing energies that have in common the concern for money, values, control, sexuality, sensuality, power, extreme stubbornness. If Taurus deals with everything that has a concrete form, with everything that is mine (the characteristic verb of Taurus is to have), with personal power, possessions and status, Scorpio deals with everything that belongs to the other, the manipulation and control of others. , collective power, common possessions, business, destruction of form, change and profound transformation (the characteristic verb is to want). If Taurus is attracted to simple, tangible things in life, Scorpio is attracted to mysteries, secrets, deceptions, frauds, a lot of money, control and manipulation of others, intense experiences, he spends a lot of time observing everything from a corner of his choice. Each energy developed to the detriment of the other produces an imbalance and the Full Moon shows us in a rather emotional way that we have developed too much and we have unbalanced our life. Ideally, these energies are in balance but life on earth is lived almost permanently through relational, financial, emotional imbalances.
This Full Moon sheds great light on the emotional conflicts within us and can help us heal, cleanse, eliminate them. It is the best time to understand the cause of emotional imbalances, financial problems, everything that affects our soul.

As such, the theme of this month is about balancing these Taurus and Scorpio energies by discovering blockages, relationships, ideas, obsessions, desires, material values, mysteries, manipulations, poisons that keep us in place and prevent us from advancing. We must not forget that both signs are extremely stubborn, inflexible and cannot compromise in the event of a strong disagreement. But the great lesson of this month is about giving up control, to learn that the art of compromise does not necessarily mean defeat, dethronement. The Full Moon in Scorpio “lit, illuminated, electrified” by the Sun in Taurus will bring to light the hidden motivations, the buried fears, the old wounds, the hidden struggles for power, money.

This Full Moon 7 May 2020 urges us to discover our own power by announcing that it is an excellent time to get rid of old fears and habits that in a way limit our development. Everything related to taxes, money, common resources, bank loans, privacy issues, research, self-examination, power struggles, shadow manipulations, revenge, betrayal, aggression, are energized in the next period.As Scorpio is deeply interested in discovering the truth, the Full Moon in Scorpio loves to get to the truth of things and helps us discover and decipher the essence behind things quickly and efficiently. We have on our side a Light that helps us to look at things realistically and to evaluate what is really happening, to see who and why they send upon us all kinds of poisons, to see others as they are with true. Scorpio also regulates issues related to life, death, transformation, privacy, relationships, destruction, renewal and regeneration.

And the Full Moon in Scorpio amplifies crisis situations, life and death decisions, emergency services, profound transformations, rebirth from its own ashes (revives the phoenix bird myth).At the same time, the Full Moon in Scorpio helps us in any circumstance that requires reconstruction, renewal and reform. This Moon in Scorpio rewards patience, our ability to face the trials and tests of life, the refusal to admit defeat, the victory over the poisonous plans of some who want to manipulate us, control us, hope for the better.

The moon in Scorpio as opposed to the Sun in Taurus (full moon phase) activates the III-IX axis, an axis that opens the battle between the practical mind, earthly experiences and the big mind, experiences that leave material and embrace spiritual knowledge, faith, the house of God . The third house represents all forms of communication, spoken words, documents, secondary education, our mental abilities, the community in which we live, brothers, our relatives, local travel, trade, cunning. The Ninth House governs philosophy, spirituality, higher education, judges, divine judgment, law and travel abroad, other cultures. As the two Luminaries are in opposition, they stress each other, the Full Moon weakened in house III rewards the toxic manipulations from the local communities, from documents, business, trade, news, mass media (poison spilled by televisions, spokespersons, so-called trainers of opinions).

Now, the Sun in Taurus in house IX illuminates the Moon in Scorpio in house III with truths, divine messages that answer many earthly questions, many seemingly unanswered things. It is time to bring to light false documents, rude manipulations, manipulation and control plans by some who want a lot of power. The truth of some past facts is part of the astrological language of this moon.
The Full Moon in Scorpio in house III confronts us with the failures of our actions guided only by the earthly mind forgetting that Jesus told us, “Without me you can do nothing.”

Neptune at 20:23 Pisces acts as a mediator (it looks like a trine with the Moon in Scorpio and looks like a sextile with the Sun in Taurus), it is an important help that tells us quite suggestively that we have not cut ourselves at all the trouser leg is an outstretched hand, it is a huge help in balancing things. The full moon in Scorpio in the form of a trine with Neptune in Pisces brings inspiration, guidance, divine protection. Because Neptune is essentially a spiritual force, in order to use this energy effectively, we must believe in the magic of life, in the role of spirituality, to accept intuition (the divine voice within us) as an invisible but beneficent force. The connection between the Full Moon in Scorpio (a lot of light in the dark) and Neptune in Pisces creates a bright bridge over the waters (emotions, sensitivity, fears, fears), so negativity, pain, can be overcome by the power of our soul. With confidence and faith, darkness and fear will disappear.

Because Mercury in Taurus is in conjunction with the Sun in Taurus and opposes the Moon in Scorpio, words can start a “war”, so be very careful, cultivate diplomacy, forgiveness is the best weapon these days. “Do not be manipulated” is the simplest definition of this challenging aspect, believe in your senses, read carefully the documents, messages. With greater attention, we can understand very well what comes from others, the divine guidelines, the way to follow.

But the message of the Sun in Taurus to the full moon in Scorpio has other notes given by the Asteroid 3200 Phaeton near Mercury in Taurus. The story of the fall of Phaethon is an important mythological story that has many meanings even today. In mythology, the innocent, unprepared Phaethon (how many Phaetons we don’t have now!) Wanted very much to lead the heavenly chariot of his father-god Helios. Phaethon insisted and his father fulfilled his wish as promised. And since the chariot had only one seat, he had to entrust his heavenly chariot to his son. Helios, of course, tried to give him a lot of useful advice and instructions, but Phaethon was too happy that his dream would come true and he paid no heed to any advice. Unfortunately, the boy was not strong enough and skilled enough to handle the winged horses. Phaethon panicked and lost control of the chariot, when it went too fast, the earth began to freeze, when it went too slowly, the earth began to dry up turning into desert. Finally, Zeus intervened, sent lightning on the chariot and Phaethon was killed and fell on the banks of the river Erianus.

Astrologically, Phaethon is a power. His name means “SHINE“, he is the golden child who has the potential to do amazing things if he doesn’t bite more than he can chew.

In all of us, the divinity lives, we have a divine origin, we are all “Phaetoni” but to grow, to evolve, to reach our divine self (Helios-Sun), we must give up excessive behaviors, unnecessary risks, overestimation our skills and qualities, the desire to be at the top of the pyramid without a solid foundation. The story of Phaeton and the story of the Full Moon in Scorpio are warning stories. It’s time to be more realistic, “that’s all I can do” doesn’t dethrone us at all. As in other stories, Zeus acts as an authority that must maintain order when no one else can. By this aspect, God tells us that he has not forgotten us, it is like an outstretched hand that helps us to overcome the adversities of this world. This celestial lamp illuminates everything that wants to be hidden forever, everything that has a trace of secrecy, everything related to documents, dirty business, black money, illegalities in documents, “Phaethoni” who have reached leadership positions. , of media “Phaethoni”, of healing “Phaethoni”, of manipulative “Phaethoni”. Many may believe that they can do anything, that they can manipulate and control anything, but this full Moon in Scorpio knows everything, rewards good and condemns evil.

In a way, a Full Moon can be seen as a law of karma that works uninterruptedly; if you have gossiped, lied, cheated, poisoned, cheated, falsified, betrayed, manipulated, you will be gossiped, lied to, cheated, poisoned, betrayed, manipulated, we receive what we give, it is a universal law applied to all, no one can run away from it law. It is the best time for situations that need transformation, for the renewal of an old project, for stopping unhealthy emotional situations. It is time to get out of prisons imagined as good for our development, to come out into the light, to love our fears, so they will diminish their control over us.

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