New moon in Aries, March 24/2020 healing from the inside to the outside

The new Moon in Aries will take place on March 24, In this period, the head, teeth, tongue, striated muscles, bladder, arteries are more vulnerable.

The feeling of insecurity can be beneficial, in the sense that it can help you solve problems faster than usual. But do not rush as if you were against time. Try to slow down the pace, so you have the clarity to be able to decide what you want to do and act comfortably, at your own pace.

The astral atmosphere is very challenging, indicating illness, pain and loss. The conjunction of the new moon with Chiron brings out old karmic wounds and causes pain as a result of new wounds. There is a difficult period of fear, inhibitions and limitations. All of these are predictable, however, amid the spread of the new type of pandemic virus.

However, Chiron is also a healer. With wisdom and unconditional love, he teaches man how to heal and help others heal, with empathy and compassion.

A strong influence comes from Chiron, Lilith and the monthly knots. These are not taken into account in traditional astrology but are important in Vedic and Indian astrology. They are associated with family, past lives and karma. Chiron is associated with deep karmic wounds, but also with their healing and magic.

Lilith or the Black Moon is considered the female variant of Chiron. In Christian Astrology, Chiron is associated with Jesus and Lilith with Mary Magdalene. It is a symbol of those who felt rejected and unaccepted by society, the majority being different and misunderstood. The current astral conjunction between Chiron and Lilith represents a terribly powerful mystical union.

Another major influence is from a fixed star, Deneb Kaitos. This causes misfortune, inhibition and retention. The new moon also intersects an asteroid, which reinforces the theme of karmic wounds. Childhood wounds, related to parents, rejection, fear, alienation or victimization can come to light. Slipping into such conditions can lead to loss of confidence, depression and self-pity. There are times when keeping compassion and clarity of mind make a major difference, possibly even vital. Not reacting with anger, with pain, not overthinking all those who have hurt you or those around you purifies both the states associated with pain and karma.

Saturn in the sextile with the new moon gives the energy needed for patience and perseverance to overcome these very troubled times. It infuses a serious and responsible attitude, as well as pragmatism. It is the right time for the completion of difficult tasks.

The new moon in the square with the lunar nodes represents a karmic crossroads. You may feel torn between past and future, confused as to what will happen and hesitant to continue. You may have the tendency to block yourself in negative emotions and negative patterns, which can lead to tension, self-isolation and worries about the future. You will face your own mistakes from the past and your own bad habits.

The past must be left behind, even if that means detachment from loved ones, break-ups, break-ups and a new road. However, the basics of what has been breaking down and new bases are needed for what is to come. This difficult period is meant to force the man to seek answers within him. The entire map of self-relations and relationships with others will be re-evaluated. These astral influences last until the new moon of April 2022.

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