Horary Practitioner Course



Duration: 16 weeks ( we meet once a week, approximately 3-hour lesson each time)

Maximum 5 people in one group.



In the moment of the question, you erect a chart and that gives you an extremely accurate answer.
Horary astrology applies the ancient techniques to answer a question based on the place and birth of the questions.
This is completely different than natal chart reading, so definitely you need to adjust your way of thinking about astrology.

Over the 16 week course, I will teach you:

  • a brief history of horary astrology
  • the fundamental rules of horary
  • ethical considerations
  • the art of judgment

After 16 weeks you should be able to answer a question comfortably.


Good understanding of houses, signs, aspects, and planets, however, we will go through each of them briefly.


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