Sex with each Sign


Sex with Aries:

Aries is the sign of being straight forward and honest. If they see you, they want you here and there.
Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of action and its depicted by a soldier. It is a very fast-moving sign, so they are least likely to have long foreplays.
They are very spontaneous, so they might want to make love outside, anywhere where they feel like.

Aries rules the head, so if you stroke their head and hair, they are likely to like it.

Its colour is red, and you want to seduce them, then wear something red and sexy, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be extremely sexy. They like sporty clothes.

When it comes to foreplay, they might like taking control, being like a policeman or wearing a uniform.

Mars rules metal objects, so they might get turned on by sharp objects or a bit more aggressive touch, pulling hair or biting and spanking.

Never expect an Aries to make love for too long. They are more likely to have quick fun rather than long hours. It’s a very active sign, so they prefer having sex 3-4times at night for a shorter period.


Sex with Taurus:

Taurus is the sign of the 5 senses so when you want to seduce a Taurus person, the best to do is to manipulate their senses. Take them out for dinner, with some nice scented candles and flowers on the table.

Taurus has got a distinctive smelling and they will remember you by the perfume you wear.
They also love luxuries, so a silky bedcover or bedsheet will turn them on.

Taurus is not the most romantic sign; they love foreplay and touches at the right place.

If you want to take a Taurus on a date, make sure you show them your neck as they love neck and they get turned on easily.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love. Think of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

Taurus is also the sign of numbers, so they love loads of sex. This sign is all about numbers.

Sex with Gemini:

Gemini is all about communication, however, don’t expect them to talk about their emotions. They could be very flirty, they can easily be turned on by text messages, by some intellectual stimulation.

Gemini is one of the most curious signs of all and in sex they prefer to be discovery.

They don’t like doing it in the same position all the time. They have the reputation for sometimes rather being indiscreet about their bedroom secrets. They can be turned on by talking to them during pleasure, the use of some sexual toys also can be interesting for them.

As Gemini is an intellectual sign, they sometimes rather talk about it than doing it.

Sex with Cancer:

Cancer is the sign of emotions so they can’t separate emotions from sex.
These individuals definitely need an emotional connection to be able to make love with you, therefore cancer is one of the signs least likely to have a one-nightstand.

Cancer is more of a gentle and romantic sign. If you want to take them on a date, then I would recommend a nice dinner at a quiet place with some romantic music and candles.

Cancerians are born with a powerful inner sensor that helps protect themselves from situations that can hurt them, so they tend to be shy and very cautious in love.

Cancer is also the sign of nurturing so they might want to make a homemade meal for the first date. They love spending time in the kitchen, so if you want your first kiss with a cancer, you might consider doing that in the kitchen after showing how lovely meal they have made.

Cancer rules pearls, laces and pink. You might want to wear something with those elements!

Cancer is a water sign, so they love being in water. You might want to seduce them with a hot bath or make love in the shower.

Sex with Leo:

Leo is the sign of Gold, glamorous things, so when it comes to sex it has to be exciting and glamorous too.
Without the right props you can never turn on a Leo.
If you want to take a Leo on a date, make sure there are champagne, caviar, oysters on the table, someone playing music for them.

Leo is the most dramatic sign, so sex for them is more like a performance, therefore they might not like having sex often.

Leo is the king of the zodiac, so they definitely want to be in the centre of attention. They might like watching themselves in the mirror while making love with you.

They might love making videos or taking pictures of themselves: selfie time:)

Leo always needs to feel good about themselves, so you might want to take them shopping first or a hairdresser and then they easily get horned.

On a date, probably they prefer a bit more crowded places as they want or show off how beautiful their partner is.

They are very territorial as well, so don’t try to make them jealous.

They extremely love being stroked especially their hair, back and chest. (back and chest are ruled by Leo)

Sex with a Virgo person:

Always check where your Venus and Mars are in your chart to see what your real sexual nature is.

Women prefer the type of guys who behaves like the sign of their Mars and Sun.

Men prefer women with the sign of their Venus.

Probably the most complex sign of all when it comes to sex. The name comes from virgin so many people might think that they are boring but actually it is not true, as all earth signs are quite sensual people.

Virgo is the sign of being very accurate and precise so when they want to choose someone they tend to be very fussy as they want to be just perfect for the big night.
Virgo is also very analytical so they have to plan it and get everything right.
Due to the nature of the sign they probably don’t like the messy side of sex and it can be a turn off for them. Hygiene, cleanliness is a big deal for them so always make sure that the environment is tidy, nice bedsheet and so on:)

Virgo is the sign of service so they can get turn on when they do certain type of foreplays, also they focus on techniques, they always try to learn new things and they are fond of pleasing their partners.

When it comes to orgasm for them it is extremely important to have a mental stimulation as well.

Sex with Libra:

Libra is all about sharing, two people are devoted to make each other happy.  For them it is like becoming one. Libra also wants to become equal in their romance in every possible way.

Intercourse for them is sacred and therefore they have a great attention to detail.

Libra easily lose interest if the feelings or the acts are not mutual.

Libra is the most prone to find their prince charming and once they have found them, it is all about life-long fidelity.

Libra is very seductive in and out of the bedroom and they don’t have issue of telling you what they would like.

Libra is an air sign, so could be oral-orientated, unless there is some restrictive planet also in the sign.

Sex with Scorpio:

There is something irresistibly hypnotic about Scorpios therefore they have got an extraordinary sexual magnetism.

For them it is all about deep emotions, psychological penetration. It is like a merging with a partner and become one.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and it is the planet of power and control. (think of 50 shades of grey).

Scorpions make it quite difficult for others or get close to them. They have to be able to trust you, once you have gained their trust, they will slowly open up for you and show their souls to you.

Scorpions experience things very intensely and they might make you think that they are cold, but they just don’t want to get hurt.

Scorpio has got a legendary sexual stamina.

As Scorpio is a fixed sign, they tend to be very loyal. They get turned on when places are dark, or it happens at a secretive place. They love the colour of black.

Sex with Sagittarius:

They are very adventurers and they love jokes and laughter as part of sexual foreplay. They love experimenting with sex toys and games.

Saggi is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of wisdom, so they have to be definitely stimulated on a mind level as well.

Sagittarius is the sign of morals: they always ask themselves the question whether it is right or not, so if they want to make love with you, they will talk to you about it openly.

They love having an intellectual conversation about politics or psychological topics.

They can’t stand if someone wants to possess them, if they feel restricted then they might cheat on.

Sagittarius is depicted as a horse, so they might like the riding position.

Sex with Capricorn:

If you want to have a fabulous time with a Capricorn, the number one rule is that you must not make fun out of them as they get easily embarrassed. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of seriousness.

They tend to be very self-conscious about their sexual performance, so it is always good to give them few positive feedbacks.

Capricorn is the sign of timing, so they might open up very slowly, but once they have, they are wonderful lovers.

For instance, a Capricorn man might be attracted to women who are dominant, someone like a businesswoman.

As I said above this sign is ruled by Saturn, by the planet of discipline and father figure. They might like someone more mature.

Capricorn is a traditional sign, so I would suggest going for something traditional and give them time to experience new things later on.

Sex with Aquarius:

Aquarius is the sign of freedom and eccentricity so when it comes to sex, they are very adventurous.

It doesn’t make them less faithful than any other signs, but what you need to remember is that they can never get bored.

Monotony, routine and tradition bring out rebel in Aquarius.

This sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of experiment, so Aquarius need loads of variety in their sex lives. Special places, toys.
As it is a fixed sign, they don’t have issue with monogamy, however they always need stimulation.

Very interesting is that many porn stars have got a very strong Aquarius interest. They love group fun, open relationship.

They are the best internet lovers: Uranus rules internet, so they love socialising and getting to know new people.

Sex with Pisces:

Pisces are the chameleons of the zodiac, so they can fit into any role you want them.

It is a mutable sign, so they go with the flow.
They love to please their partners.

Pisces is the sign of music and spirituality. If you want to seduce a Pisces, use some candle, choose a good bottle of wine. Pisces rules faraway places, so it is good to take them to exotic places.

They are very dreamy, so their fantasies are to make love on the beach, having rose petals on the bed, drinking champagne together in the bath. They are extremely romantic.

Pisces rules the feet, so they might love kissing your feet. Make sure it is always clean and tidy:)

When it comes to roleplay, they might like doctor and patient roleplay.

They make love with their soul and they want to take it to a different level, so tantric massage and sexual pleasure are the keys to them.

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