Today is Michael Douglas’ birthday

A couple of notes of his chart.
Venus sextile to MC – this is one of the possible indication why he became famous. Any sextile or trine to MC is an opportunity to make a name for yourself.Venus is also in her domicile position and it shows the public side of hers. ( in Libra, plus ruler of the 7th house)
I also like Mercury sextile to rising sign from the 11th house, which shows that public ( 11th house) will like him( Rising sign)Mercury is also extremely strong by essential dignity. Even though Jupiter is not in a strong position, but sextile the rising as well and it rules 5th house( creativity, acting, etc).

His first important film happened when he was in an 11th house profected year. ( fans, internet, publicity). The time lord of the year is the super-strong Mercury. Looking at this from the career perspective… the 11th sign from the 10th is the 8th which is also ruled by Mercury. ( in rulership and exaltation). This shows that he would do very well in his career this year.

Do you like his films?

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