The middle of December 2020 comes with a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius which is actually a New Moon in Sagittarius at the degree of 23:08 formed near the Lunar South Node in Sagittarius degree 19:57 and which talks about the completion and completion. Eclipses often mark significant turning points, requiring us through all sorts of hard experiences to become better than we are, to become better versions of ourselves. They bring significant new beginnings and endings. During the Solar Eclipse, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily turning off the light. Now, divinity temporarily extinguishes the light for earthlings but ignites the light in our souls, often showing us in a rather harsh way what we need to leave, change, initiate, in our lives. This “up to the cosmic current” becomes an instrument through which the universe awakens us, shakes us, snatches us from everything that holds us in place. Leave what you don’t need and move on, there are so many unknown things you can hug, get out of your automatisms, and enjoy everything you have and everything you receive. Stop looking angrily at the past, but be prepared for new opportunities for spiritual, humanitarian, and personal development.

The themes of Sagittarius, the sign that covers this eclipse, are related to expansion, truth, the desire for growth, the desire for freedom, and big dreams full of hope for a better future. Sagittarius is a dual sign, and the image or symbol used for this astral influence is a centaur, half-man, half-horse. The animal part is full of power, energy but influenced by the basic desires of lust, anger, greed, anger, pride. The human part is the archer, the philosopher, the traveler, the high knowledge, the spread of wisdom, the teaching, the religion.

The South Node (which forms this eclipse) is connected to the past karma (debts but also developed talents), the unfinished things of the past, lost opportunities, unpaid taxes.
With the monthly South Node in Sagittarius, the blockages, the restrictions, come from all sides on us. We know that we have to make certain changes, but insecurity, scattering, fear, stress, revolt against any rules, old habits (southern node), amplify confusion, stagnation, involution.

And our Eclipse with the South Node in Sagittarius tells us: make the necessary adjustments, give up the causes already lost, give up ideologies, beliefs, and material things that impede spiritual liberation and true happiness, give up seeking the truth away from home, give up the beliefs of long-term in favor of more relevant beliefs that serve better in the new reality.

At the same time, the South Node is our innate wisdom. And the South Node in Sagittarius asks us to remember that we must trust in the eternal and divine wisdom of our subconscious that knows best to guide us in both good and bad weather. It is time to learn that true freedom begins when we free ourselves from everything that keeps us hanging, bound. The more we look for answers outside of ourselves, the more we will be bombarded with all sorts of information and misinformation.

We must leave behind old misconceptions, rise above the fear induced by the world, and embrace the guidance of our subconscious. We will probably have to readjust our ideas about the true meaning of life (Sagittarius) and look for that information, courses, teachers, trades, ideas, that improve our lives here and now.

This Eclipse shows us our comfort zones and what we need to transform on a personal level but also as a society. Sagittarius is the mystic who wanders in the unknown to find out the truth about existence. But now we must unlock the true gifts of the south node, eliminate the lower frequencies, tame the “wild horse” within us.
We believe that we know everything, better than everyone else around us and this behavior blocks the entry of new knowledge and therefore growth, evolution. Another requirement of this eclipse is to give up this all-knowing belief, to live and learn all the time, to realize that everything is movement, evolution, nothing stands still.

The eclipse tells us that we find the solution to the current problems by accepting to go on the path of the North Node in Gemini (the path of evolution, the potential of the soul, the direction of the future), to pay attention to details, to learn important lessons of cooperation and to give up divisions. , let’s pay attention to the words.

The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius activates house VI, a house where work, service, health are essential. The emphasis is on employment (employers and employees), on training, on those who serve us (along with those we serve), and on those who depend on us. This is a service house and a healing house. This eclipse in a falling house prepares us for change and this through all kinds of personal, existential crises. House VI also places special emphasis on public health, food, national services, the army, navy, police, government services, public administration, politicians, employees, employers, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment, public service, necessary investments in the field of armed forces, police. Now, spiritual guides have the role of deepening crises, of focusing them even better if I can express myself like that, they can’t tell us live “this is the problem of your life” but maybe through all kinds of challenges, they can make us we change things.

House VI is also called the house of health and maintaining a good state of health shows everyone’s ability to cope with adversity, existential crises, daily challenges. Crises, illness, stress, are part of our daily world, are included in the plan of creation and the way we respond to these situations and how we deal with lessons invariably related to them, help us grow or stagnate.

Accompanied by Mercury in the beneficial trine with Mars in Aries, the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius sets a good background for communication, action, new projects. The hand eclipse with Mercury in Sagittarius focuses on thinking and communication, short trips, health, work, relatives, neighborhood, education. It can bring mental alertness, quick thinking, adaptability, and curiosity. This is a good time for new plans, for negotiations, to meet new people. With Mars in Aries in the eclipse equation, it may be the best time to solve difficult tasks. Mars always brings courage, and the South Node that forms the solar eclipse always brings liberation.

For some, the influence of the eclipse can be subtle while for others it can be quite intense indicating new beginnings, radical changes, unexpected news, surprises of all kinds. Those influenced by this Solar Eclipse are Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgos, those born around December 14, June, March, September. The house in the natal chart where the sign of Sagittarius appears indicates where we can expect to see our beliefs tested, challenged, or revised.

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