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My name is Viktor and I am from Hungary, but I have been living in London for 11 years. I have been doing Astrology for almost 20 years...



About me


Hello, I am Tsveti. In my local language, this means a flower. I am an astrologer who is passionate about finding the true motives behind our decisions.

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Discover Your Life Path

Are you ready to let the stars guide you?
Astrology can really help to unlock your potentials and make your life more meaningful.
Viktor has been practising astrology for nearly 20 years and he has helped plenty of people to achieve their goals.
To book a reading with him is easy: select and purchase your chosen reading and he will contact you in 24 hours to schedule an appointment with you

Recommended Course


Duration: 12 Lessons

– Moon in houses and signs from a different aspect
– What did you learn from your parents? ( Moon and aspects)
– Moon phases and their meaning
– How to use eclipses in chart interpretation
– How to predict with eclipses
– Moon and health
– Moon out of bounds
– Black Moon Lilith
– Lunar Gestation Cycle – a new way of predicting with Moon
– Conjunctions, oppositions and squares to the Nodes of the Moon.


90 min Birth Chart Consultation

Discover your natal chart potential in regards to career, partnership and possibilities of children

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Mary Kriz Willis
Mary Kriz Willis
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Viktor has looked at charts for my entire family! Just WOW! So spot on - and so helpful with discerning forward trajectories for each of us! HIGHLY recommend!
Kate Stratton
Kate Stratton
Viktor Student
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An absolutely fantastic teacher who's classes are enjoyable, interactive and very informative. A lovely man with lot's of interesting stories to share to illustrate certain points and gives everyone the oppurtunity to ask questions and delve deeper into their own and fellow classmate charts as we progress through the course. Highly recommend studying with Viktor and to anyone interested in getting started and progressing in Astrology!
Tsvetanka Buhova
Tsvetanka Buhova
Viktor Student
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I have been studying Astrology for years already, but I am so grateful I found Viktor's courses to complement my knowledge. He is an amazing teacher and astrologer - so knowledgeable and so supportive, intuitive and enthusiastic. He loves astrology and manges to light the fire in others as well. Along with basic knowledge, he is always teaching things I have hardly ever heard of despite years of study. What I love the most about his teaching and communication style is that he has great supportive energy and goes the extra mile to teach until we get it. While teaching he allows the students to practice and make interpretations thus allowing them to gain the most valuable of all gifts - the experience to implement what they know in a safe environment. 🥰
Val S
Val SYoutube Subscriber
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Thank you Viktor! You look amazing! Love your content! Last Jupiter transit in Pisces, I got married, and had a daughter! I did not realize this til I looked back! Hugs from Texas!
 Mila Kuricova
Mila KuricovaYoutube Subscriber
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Thank you Viktor! Really enjoy watching your videos. Very interesting and educational. And I definitely love your new backgrounds. Nice choices. 😊🌻🌄
enlumineresseYoutube Subscriber
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Viktor thanks for all these great explanations! The star Fomalhaut is on my Ascendant, yay! I love Astrology. The only planet I have in Pisces (and many people have) is Chiron: is it true that it rules the 6th house and the sign of Virgo? Thanks for everything, I can't wait to watch your Pluto in Aquarius video! 💌😸😺💙
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