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I am Michael. I use Human Design and Kabbalistic Astrology to help people align with their higher timeline.

Human Design System is comprised of ancient wisdoms including Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, Chinese I’Ching, Astrology, and Kabbalah Tree of Life. These modalities compile an innate energetic blueprint or ‘bodygraph’ of the person that give us insights on how the person functions optimally and how they can best align to who they are internally. In this system we can see everything from how a person uses their intuition, digests their food, their ideal environment, how to work efficiently with others and to connect deeper with their soul’s mission (Incarnation Cross).

Kabbalistic Astrology gives us the power to rise above the cosmic influence and look at the natal chart through the lens of a personal correction.

Using Human Design, the natal chart and my innate intuitive ability I help clients connect to their higher timeline and move through life’s journey with more ease and greater fulfillment.

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Sessions can be centered around the following topics:

  • Alignment with your Human Design
  • Vocation/Career
  • Health/Food
  • Relationships
  • Raising Children
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Time and date is according to the Instanbul / Turkey time zone

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