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I am Tsveti. In my local language, this means a flower.

I am an astrologer who is passionate about finding the true motives behind our decisions. I have always been eager to read and explore the depths of the human mind. It’s like a never-ending story, where one thing solves to give way to another, then evolving to the next, and so on.


I started learning astrology because I needed to find answers for myself and accept myself as I am. Gradually, I became more and more fascinated with how astrology helped me become a better me and supported me to accept my shadow by showing me that I have options even if I feel lost. Ever since astrology became a part of my life, I cannot stop exploring opportunities and see the silver lining behind the clouds. It made me anxious at times but also along with it gave me hope and strength, and choice. What I love about astrology is that it helps me go through turbulent times with more acceptance, empathy, and kindness, always reminding me of how connected we all are, of the Unity of all things.

I have always been fascinated with how many secrets natal charts can tell about a person’s character, life mission, professional pursuits, and aspirations. Or how an obviously hard placement can be magically solved by planetary transits. Or how a natal chart is just like us – a living being – having a grand idea behind it. I would be happy to share my insights and help you on the journey to self-discovery and growth.

Be healthy and whole!

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Highly knowledgeable, warm presence

30th March 2023

I recently had a reading with Tsveti focussed on the near future (1-2 years) and the current ingress of Pluto into Aquarius which is going to aspect many personal planets in my chart. Tsveti is a very knowledgeable astrologer, with deep understanding of the topics she’s talking about. She’s very warm, pleasant presence and positive. It was a pleasure to have a session with her.

I will book other sessions with her; I see in the other comments that people praise her vocational sessions, and as I never had a vocational reading, I am looking forward to have one.

Highly recommended!


So grateful! Even better than I expected!

22nd January 2023

I had a life mission and vocation consultation with Tsveti, and I was very impressed with the depth of the reading in such a short time. She gave me hope, helped me identify the strengths that I can tap into in order to better manage the challenges that I’m currently working through. It was even more valuable than I hoped for. Thank you Tsveti! You are so talented and have such a kind and non-judgmental approach to your readings. I loved every minute!!


Great Insights

15th January 2023

I had a life purpose and vocational reading with Tsveti and absolutely loved it. She is a very talented astrologer who combines knowledge and intuition with a kind and caring approach. I felt in very good hands throughout the reading. Tsveti gave excellent and practical advice, explaining things very well and allowing me to understand the different parts of my chart and how they interact. She was spot on in so many ways, it was baffling. Thank you, Tsveti, for sharing your insights, they are very much appreciated.


Very informative

8th December 2022

I recently had a vocational/career reading by Tsveti, as I’ve been confused as to which path to go down and felt I needed some extra clarity as I want to move forward with my life. Tsveti gave an in-depth reading as to which areas I should really focus on a personal level and the best-suited careers. Tsveti also gave a lot of encouragement which was very nice. Overall I would definitely recommend getting a reading from Tsveti.

Damien Williams

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15th October 2022

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Dreams & mission deciphered by amazing astrologer, Tsveti

27th August 2022

I had life mission & vocational reading with Tsevti in Aug 2022 as I’m at a crossroads with my career. What amazes me the most straight away is that Tsveti mentioned the name of the [very well-known] person who actually appeared in my dreams – which had led/inspired me to pursue a new career. There’s no way anyone would know that bit of info. It’s like she has tuned into my subconscious mind.

Tsveti also provided many practical and invaluable advice on the job front. I’m blown away by the details she shared, down to the topics I should focus on; and the aspects of work I intended to do – she revealed them by analysing my chart whilst I did little/no talking, as if she knew me all along. I’m very thankful and feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity to speak to the universe through our beautiful & talented Tsveti!! She is a messenger of the Stars!

During our session, I got goosebumps and felt that someone finally understands my soul desires. It was a very fruitful 30-min discussion, and Tsveti also pointed out many major transits in the next few years which are extremely helpful for my journey.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Tsveti!


Highly recommend it

13th September 2021

I recently had a reading from Tsveti. It was one of the most comprehensive and informative readings I have experienced. I felt feeling knowledgeable on what my progressed chart will bring and this has been me a deeper awareness of my life and business. I would highly recommend it. Tsveti is a lovely soul and very approachable.

Anne-Marie UK

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