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Certification Course on Relocation Astrology

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One of the favorite astrology branches nowadays is astrocartography, but there are other techniques that can help determine the best location for yourself.

I have put together an 8-week course on astrocartography course for you that comes with a certificate


Lesson 1 – Ideal home environment

Lesson 2 – Ideal home environment 2

Lesson 3 – Essential dignities, choosing the best aspect and planet of your chart

Lesson 4 – Introduction to astrocartography, the meaning of planetary lines

Lesson 5 – Midpoint in relocation – why we might be drawn to certain places more than others

Lesson 6 – Relocated chart and what to look out for in them

Lesson 7 – Local space and its use in relocation

Lesson 8 – The timing of the relocation

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