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Vocational and Financial Course

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Lesson 1: Midheaven and its role, MC signs – qualities we need to be successful

Lesson 2: Planets around the MC

Lesson 3: Aspects to MC, the Ruler of MC in different houses

Lesson 4: Money houses – 2nd, 8th, 11th house – Planets in the 2nd house – what gives us money?

Lesson 5: What is holding you back to become successful? – Chiron, Saturn, and the 12th house

Lesson 6: Your spending habits -Venus and Moon

Lesson 7: Pallas Athene in vocational astrology

Lesson 8: Introduction to business astrology

Lesson 9: Saturn / Jupiter business cycle

Lesson 10: Financial cycles and the nodes

Lesson 11: How to analyze business cycles

Lesson 12: Selecting the right stock for investment

Lesson 13: Major trends in stock market/investment

Lesson 14-15: Practise and revision

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