The full moon is a moment of “harvesting”, we reap what we sowed for better or worse, the past is analyzed, rewarded, or punished. Life is a whole series of choices and a full moon phase puts us face to face with the “success or failure” of these choices. The events, relationships, situations that reach a peak (for better or worse) during this period are related to the seeds planted under the influence of the new moon in Aquarius in February 2021.

Now, the Full Moon takes place with the Moon at the degree of 1:26 Aquarius in opposition to the Sun at the degree of 1:26 Leo. It is the time of a new astral session in which the solar entities send important information to the lunar entities and which in turn translate them for us earthlings. It is a full moon led by Uranus in Taurus and retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and which ask us to find new ways to manage the old problems.

As the phase of the Full Moon in Aquarius is an aspect of opposition between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, this astral moment asks us to find a balance between the two energies involved. Both signs speak of creativity, one more original than the other, they want to be “seen” but in their own way, they want to be perceived as special. Both have a strong sense of uniqueness, control, stubbornness, pride.

Leo is about our individuality (I, Leo may think the world revolves around him) while Aquarius is about groups, friends, our connection with others (us, but often violates any convention and does not care too much about what others think). And this full moon reminds us that each of us carries a unique divine spark (Leo), has a special talent, and a role to play in the world (Aquarius).

The full moon in Aquarius lit by the Sun in Leo offers a period of two weeks to analyze and resolve the inherent tension between “I-lion” and “we-Aquarius”, between the individual requirements and the requirements of a group, a family, a nation, between fierce attachment to a boyfriend, partner, child and shocking attachment to friends, bizarre groups. This Full Moon on the Leo – Aquarius axis, judging and testing our ability to balance these opposite tendencies, at the same time, helps us focus on what we need to do to move forward. It is very difficult to balance and integrate the two opposite polarities, it is very difficult to give up ego, personal admiration, personal authority (lion) and take into account the requirements and development of the whole group, the whole society (Aquarius). This Full Moon will make us reflect on the changes we need to make personally to help the group, the clan, the family, the country, humanity. If you want to change the world (Aquarius), start with you (lion), it is the great gift of this month.

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings to light and the fruits of a behavior colored by the dark characteristics of the lion and Aquarius: extreme pride, the behavior of a crawling child who takes his toys and runs away or hits the ground to draw attention to him, self-infatuation, arrogant behavior, the ability to deceive the trust of others, love only in the eyes of the world, to see the world who they are, weirdos, unpredictable behavior, selfishness, lack of respect.

The Full Moon in Aquarius, ie the opposition between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius activates the I-VII axis, an axis of social life, a relational axis in which “I” becomes a fraction of a whole. A Full Moon in Aquarius in house VII will put a special emphasis on relationships, life partners, associates, enemies on the face, aggression, and competition in relationships, lawsuits, lawyers, counselors. The problems of house VII are always established by those outside us, by the relationships created. The motto of house VII is “husband and wife, me and you, a mirror of our self through our partners, associates, competitors, rivals.” Although house VII is seen as a house of marriage, it actually governs all our qualities and defects reflected in our partners who actually mirror for us.

The new outer world is nothing but our own reflection of what we really are. Living day by day in a hurry, we do not realize that we do not look in the mirrors (house VII) that are everywhere around us, we do not have time or we do not want to have time to analyze ourselves.

1:26 Full Moon Aquarius revives Chariklo’s mythological story, asteroid 10199 on Aquarius 1:52.

In mythology, Chariklo was the gentle wife of Chiron (the wounded healer). It was always a support for him and Chiron was really lucky to meet his ideal wife. A great mother, a great wife, a great caretaker, and an amazing soul. No one had anything bad to say about Chariklo. Even though Chariklo went through suffering, she never lost her confidence and did not want to take revenge for the unfortunate events in her life. Chariklo is said to have been the companion of the goddess Athena and the goddess Vesta. From Athena, Chariklo learned about justice, inner strength, courage, social justice, and from Vesta she took gentleness, understanding, altruistic service, tenderness, to be a good mother who understands that preparing her child for the world is a crucial thing. . Chariklo and Chiron were the parents of several gifted children. Chariklo orbits in the same space as Chiron, but if he is closer to Saturn, her orbit is closer to Uranus. This reflects their different but perfectly harmonized natures. If Chiron is the teacher or mentor who relies on tradition, the past, Chariklo looks more to the future than to the past and is concerned with how things could be done in a new way.

In astrology, Chariklo helps us to graciously understand our own limits, connects us with our subconscious and the urges of our soul. This handful of Moon with Chariklo helps us understand our emotional, relational, and spiritual limits. We can improve all relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to our spirit. It amplifies the qualities of compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness in an unlimited proportion. He questions aggression and examines everything in a gentle and curious way. In addition, we are helped to respond in a gentle and forgiving way to the emotional demands/demands of others. Chariklo, strongly energized by this moon, becomes a reservoir of compassion, devotion, discernment, and an unseen presence when we need help. He graciously supports the wisdom, the grace of healing, the prophetic visions, the meeting of the soul mate, a marriage proposal, an engagement. The unique rings of this asteroid can announce wedding/engagement rings. Chariklo activated by this moon amplifies the feminine principle that can heal the male principle wounded not by judgment, criticism, rejection but by love, receptivity, compassion, and a pearl of feminine wisdom that transcends duality.

This Full Moon in Aquarius has a special influence on the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, especially on those born around July 24, October 24, January 23, April 23.

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