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Money Course 2

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This course is the continuation of a previous course I made, but THEY ARE NOT RELATED.

In this course, I will introduce techniques that are not widely used but are very efficient and not available anywhere or just in limited ways.

Lesson 1 – Saturn-Jupiter cycle and business opportunities – There will be 2 lessons

Lesson 2 – North node and your finances

Lesson 3 – Moon as your spending habit

Lesson 4 – Pre-natal eclipse degree and your finances

Lesson 5 – The center of your finances – 4th sign from your financial planet

Lesson 6 – Venus-Mercury cycle and your finances

Lesson 7 – POF chart – a new way to look at your POF.

Lesson 8 – Jupiter/Pluto midpoint as the midpoint of the mega-rich people

Lesson 9 – Additional wealth indicators in the chart

Lesson 10 – Vesta as the investment asteroid

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