3-Days Retreat


3-Day Immersive Astrology Experience

I’m sooo happy to announce that I will be holding my first online retreat with Marina whom I had a great astrological connection with at Lada’s retreat. We had similar views, completely different approach.

Dates: September 25, 26 and 27

Place: In front of your computer

Schedule: 11 am – 6 pm ET (may vary)

There will be a replay of the whole event!


Maximum 5 people in one group

Horary Practitioner Course with certificate

Start date: Oct 17
6pm Budapest time

Duration: 16 weeks
( we meet once a week, approximately 3-hour lesson each time)

In the moment of the question, you erect a chart and that gives you an extremely accurate answer.
Horary astrology applies the ancient techniques to answer a question based on the place and birth of the questions.
This is completely different than natal chart reading, so definitely you need to adjust your way of thinking about astrology.

About me

My name is Viktor and I am from Hungary, but I have been living in London for 11 years. 
I have been doing Astrology for almost 20 years. 
I discovered astrology just after my mum passed away and it helped me understand that she had left me to make me who I am today, to open up my horizon and seek for possibilities in life.

I started my studies in Hungary and learnt from different people. I have always been drawn to Hellenistic and traditional astrology. I am a big fan of profection and zodiacal releasing and these techniques proved to be so accurate for me. 

Serena Williams Cover

Serena Williams birthday

It is Serena Williams birthday:)She is one of the most iconic tennis players in the world.Look at that very strong 6th house interest. ( lifestyle, health,

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Ongoing Course


Duration: 12 weeks

– Moon in houses and signs from a different aspect
– What did you learn from your parents? ( Moon and aspects)
– Moon phases and their meaning
– How to use eclipses in chart interpretation
– How to predict with eclipses
– Moon and health
– Moon out of bounds
– Black Moon Lilith
– Lunar Gestation Cycle – a new way of predicting with Moon
– Conjunctions, oppositions and squares to the Nodes of the Moon.


Discover Your Life Path

Are you ready to let the stars guide you?
Astrology can really help to unlock your potentials and make your life more meaningful.
Viktor has been practising astrology for nearly 20 years and he has helped plenty of people to achieve their goals.
To book a reading with him is easy: select and purchase your chosen reading and he will contact you in 24 hours to schedule an appointment with you


90 min Birth Chart Consultation

Discover your natal chart potential in regards to career, partnership and possibilities of children