My name is Viktor I am from Hungary, but I have been living in London for 11 years.

I have been doing astrology for almost 20 years. I started my studies in Hungary and learned from different people. I have always been drawn to Hellenistic and traditional astrology.

I am a big fan of perfection and zodiacal releasing and these techniques proved to be so accurate for me.


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How to read Solar Return Chart

The solar return chart is an astrology chart that’s calculated for the exact moment the Sun returns to its “natal” or birth position.
It’s an excellent tool to help you assess and predict the themes that will arise for you during your next “solar year”—the 12 months that happen from one birthday to the next.
This will be the most comprehensive solar return chart reading available on the internet.
Solar Return

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Highly recommend it

Rated 5 out of 5
13th September 2021

I recently had a reading from Tsveti. It was one of the most comprehensive and informative readings I have experienced. I felt feeling knowledgeable on what my progressed chart will bring and this has been me a deeper awareness of my life and business. I would highly recommend it. Tsveti is a lovely soul and very approachable.

Anne-Marie UK