Transit in action workshop

Transit workshop, transit in action

Transit is the most used and misinterpreted timing technique of all.

If you want to learn how to use transit properly, this course is designed for you.

Duration: 6 Hours

Hours: Minimum of 30 hours

Recorded Video + Slide Presentation


Pre-requisite: you should be able to understand planets, houses, aspects and signs.

Join Viktor in this 4-5 hour transit in action workshop, where you will learn about WHAT transits mean, HOW they affect you personally.

  • You will learn how to prioritise transits as not all of them will impact you the same way.
  • What is PRECEEDING TRANSITS? – Not many know about it, but they are one of the most influencials of all.
  • Important planetary cycles and how they impact your lives.
  • HOW to work with MIDPOINTS transits – HOW to see into the SOUL within seconds of seeing your chart.
  • I will teach you to choose the most important planet in your chart according to ancient midpoint astrology. ( If that planet gets transited in your chart, another 2 are influenced as well)


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