The full moon is a moment of “harvesting”, we reap what we sowed for better or worse, the past is analyzed, rewarded or punished. The moon is the one that guides us in every moment, it is deeply connected to our earthly life and is a cosmic translator, an animator, an orderer of planetary and celestial influences. Life is a whole series of choices and a Full Moon phase puts us face to face with the “success or failure” of these choices.

The events, intentions, situations that reach a peak (for better or for worse) during this period are related to the seeds planted under the influence of the new month in Aquarius from January 24, 2020.

Now, the Full Moon takes place with the Moon at the degree of 11:45 Aquarius in opposition to the Sun at the degree of 11:45 Leo. It is the time of a new astral session in which the solar entities send important information to the lunar entities and which in turn translate them for us earthlings. It is a full moon ruled by Uranus in Taurus and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, so the past is completely upset. With retrograde Saturn, we encounter karmic debts in a rather intense way. So retrograde Saturn is a double dose of karma (pay). We become more aware of external limitations, if we do not use our time wisely, past sins and failures could haunt us again. It is a time to reap what we have sown, we become more aware of the consequences of our actions, at this moment. People often act impulsively, blinded here and now, regardless of how the present affects our future or how the past affects the present.

As the phase of the Full Moon in Aquarius is an aspect of opposition between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, this astral moment asks us to find a balance between the two energies involved. Both signs speak of creativity, one more original than the other, they want to stand out but in their own way, they want to be perceived as special. Both have a strong sense of uniqueness, control, stubbornness, pride.

Leo is about our individuality (I, Leo may think the world revolves around him) while Aquarius is about groups, friends, our connection with others (us, but often violates any convention and does not care too much of what others believe). And this full moon reminds us that each of us carries a unique divine spark (Leo), has a special talent and a role to play in the world (Aquarius).

The full moon in Aquarius illuminated by the Sun in Leo offers a period of two weeks to analyze and resolve the inherent tension between “I-lion” and “we-Aquarius”, between the individual requirements and the requirements of a group, a family, a nation, between fierce attachment to a boyfriend, partner, child and shocking attachment to friends, bizarre groups.

This Full Moon on the Leo-Aquarius axis, judges and tests our ability to balance so that we can choose, at the same time, cannot focus on what we need to do to move forward. It is very difficult to balance and integrate the two opposite polarities, it is very difficult to give up ego, personal admiration, personal authorization (lion) and to take you into account and create groups, interregional societies (Aquarius). This Full Moon will make us reflect on the changes we need to make personally to help the group, the clan, the family, the country, humanity. If you want to change the world (Aquarius), start with you (lion), it is the great gift of this month.

The imbalances in relationships (the full moon puts a special emphasis on relationships) become even more obvious when everyone thinks they are the centre of the universe (Leo) or when everyone thinks they are unique in their knowledge (Aquarius).
In Aquarius, the full moon can be seen as an apogee of social justice, corrects everyone’s greatness, eliminates false ideals, relationships that hurt us, situations that keep us in place, and pride always goes before the fall.

We are all involved in all kinds of relationships (marriage, family, parents, work, children, friends, etc.) and the Full Moon in Aquarius brings to light the fruits of a behaviour coloured by the dark characteristics of the lion and Aquarius: extreme pride, the behavior of a lazy child who takes his toys and runs away or hits the ground to draw attention to himself, self-infatuation, arrogant behaviour, the ability to deceive the trust of others, love only in the eyes of the world, to see the world who they are, fights for inheritances, a lot of money, weirdness, unpredictable behaviour, selfishness, disrespect.

The Full Moon in Aquarius, ie the opposition between the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo activates the I-VII axis, an axis of social life, a relational axis in which “I” becomes a fraction or a whole. The first house represents, among other things, the way we express ourselves in the world, how we behave, while the seventh house tells us, in a broad sense, how our energy is received, how others react to this behavior.

The requirement of this month is to find a balance between autonomy (house I) and dependence on others (house VII), between personal needs and the needs of others. Personal problems, trust, courage, independence, can lead to problems with others. These personal problems can lead to major changes related to the most intimate relationships, the outbreak of a confrontation or the rupture of an existing relationship, enemies that can manifest openly. With the Full Moon in Aquarius in the first house (I am unique), we must remember every second the words of Thoth: Man is a star handcuffed in a body, until, at last, he frees himself through his own struggle. Only through effort and toil will the star in you blossom into a new life. He who knows the beginning of all things releases his star from the land of the night. “

The aspect of the Full Moon, ie the opposition between the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, forms with Uranus on the degree of 10:38 Taurus a square in a fixed T, an aspect that increases instability, tension, impatience, courage. Even if a fixed T-square (fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus) increases perseverance, it also brings stubbornness, resistance to problems and frustrations (go with a stone tied to you, you get used to it and you think that’s good, do not give up easily…). It is a difficult aspect to manage, difficult to integrate, due to the desire to resist the challenges, the required changes. It must be remembered, however, that the aspects that make things happen can generate a great deal of energy that allows liberation from extreme situations.

The focal planet is the dynamic point of this configuration, it offers a solution for the created crisis.
Uranus in Taurus in house III and in close conjunction with house IV as the focal planet (collects all the pressure of the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo) tells us that the only constant (Taurus) is changed. Uranus’ final game is to show us the difference between the banality, the earthly conventions of our lives, and the priceless values ​​of heaven. We have all been taught, educated, to see the world in certain ways, with certain definitions, hypotheses and prejudices. We all want a safe home and a career, as rich as possible, a family that is close to us, for the world to see what “house, car, luxury, rich” we have, forgetting that here on earth we are in the service of heaven, in the service of We must dedicate all our energy to God and Him. Uranus in Taurus tells us that true security, security, we find only in what we plant in our souls.

Unexpected changes in plans or events related to family, parents, family heirlooms, property, land, home, country, nation, can test our patience and show us how little we know about “what values ​​really matter..in life”. The keywords of this aspect are “from whom you would never have expected when you least expected, nor did I ever think of such a thing… I really didn’t think this was possible… ..”.

The square aspect indicates inner tensions, frustrations and Uranus in Taurus in the tense connection with the Moon in Aquarius increase the agitation, the compulsive behaviour, the emotional outbursts. If the Moon represents our home, our soul and our past, mother, sense of belonging and need for comfort, Uranus represents freedom and sudden, shocking surprises. Think of an electric current and the force that shakes us when we touch an electric fence or a socket. The nature of this force creates shocks, surprises or accidents in the area of ​​life where we are stuck. This aspect can bring crises in normal or daily programs and routines, in the family, in family relationships, with relatives, neighbours, in the local community. Circumstances can force us to get rid of a current domestic situation, of a toxic career, it can be an unpredictable retirement. All major plans are very much subject to incidents and unexpected, unpredictable results, usually brought about by circumstances beyond our control.

The sun in Leo in a provocative aspect with Uranus in Taurus could bring changes in life goals, affecting relationships, career, family. If the Sun masters identity, ego, individuality, power and pride, Uranus is lightning, sudden change, innovation, independence. Plans can change or connections with superiors can be blocked, changing the way we do things. This is a time when the need for freedom works above all else. Relationships of any kind (the sun in house VII) are unstable, promises tend to be broken. Pay close attention to finances (The sun rules house VIII), secret plans can be revealed, financial partnerships usually suffer some unpredictable changes.

After all, the T-square is like a cross with a missing piece and this very missing piece is the way out of the blockages we feel now, and “make the right cross” is the requirement of this astral moment. Therefore, the 11th degree Scorpio, the opposite point to Uranus in Taurus, is the fourth important point in this astral moment that shows the way out of the state of tension.
The solution is given by the sign of Scorpio and house IX, we must refuse to admit defeat, to learn that life is an eternal struggle, but the hardest struggle is the struggle with ourselves, with our lusts and desires. It is time to learn that our life must be pleasing to God (house IX) and for that, we must strive to obey His commandments, to ask Him to work in our lives with us. We must learn to live by the truths of God’s Word and not by our desires.
We are helped to understand (house IX) that from the “ashes” you can be reborn, the important thing is faith, will, understanding, compassion, desire for transformation. Let us tread the path of purification, a path of liberation.

An important and noteworthy message in the full moon chart is the asteroid 55 Pandora which is hand in hand with the Sun in Leo and in opposition but the Moon in Aquarius. In mythology, Pandora is sent by Zeus to earth but not with her bare hands but with a box and the recommendation to try not to open it. After Prometheus stole the secret of the fire from the gods and gave it to the earthlings, Zeus-Jupiter decided to punish the people for the gift received. Created by Hephaestus (the god of fire, crafts), Pandora was incredibly beautiful, irresistible, from each god and goddess received a gift, a special quality. Thus, Aphrodite gave her beauty and grace, the wise Athena gave her talent for weaving, Appolo – the god of arts, vision gave her talent for music, healing, clairvoyance, Hermes-Mercury gave her an extraordinary intelligence but also the last gift, an unstoppable curiosity. Arriving on earth, even though Prometheus warned Epimetheus not to accept any gift from the gods when he saw Pandora, he lost his head completely and married her immediately. In time, the uncontrollable curiosity urges Pandora to open the box, so all the trouble fell on people. Eventually, Pandora threw herself on the box and managed to close the lid, but only Hope remained in the box. Until the opening of the box, people lived in paradise, innocent, after opening the box, humanity was filled with pain, disease, worries, wars, a bit expensive the price paid for the fire received as a gift from the gods.

The Full Moon in Aquarius lit by the Sun in Leo hand in hand with Pandora in Leo, comes with difficult lessons, controversies, scandals, shocking revelations, dirty secrets revealed. Pandora was the instrument designed by the gods to punish mankind and this full moon can be a warning, a punishment for all mankind (Aquarius). All evils happen because we forget about hope, about changing things, about new ideas, about new ways. Pandora moves things by opening different paths, often unexpected, unplanned. As the aspects are quite provocative, Pandora can act much more easily in a socially inappropriate or destructive manner. The consequences are unforeseen. But Pandora also offers hope in devastating times. This Full Moon can also be a powerful gift, which cannot be destroyed by the hardships of life. It reminds us that embedded in every disaster is the gift of renewal through faith and hope. In her goodwill, the divinity created an antidote to suffering and hope is the last when all others have failed. “Hope dies last” is the main lesson of this astral moment. Let’s connect with hope……

This Full Moon in Aquarius has a special influence on the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, especially those born around the date of 3 (plus, minus three days).

Be blessed!

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