We started the year 2020 with a Lunar Eclipse on the 20th degree of Cancer supported by the North Node on the degree of 8:26 Cancer and we end this year also with a Full Moon on the degree of 8:53 Cancer.
The Full Moon is an important lunar phase, now the solar entities (the Sun is a living being) are in an astral dialogue with the lunar entities that translate the astral messages for us earthlings. The full moon is a moment of “harvesting”, we reap what we sowed for better or worse, the past is analyzed, rewarded, or punished.

A Full Moon on the Cancer-Capricorn axis is an aspect of opposition, a dynamic aspect between two complementary energies that requires effort from us, increased attention to find a balance but it can only be found if we look for a common denominator between the two Cancer and Capricorn energies. If Cancer increases our emotions, our desire to seek safety, emotional and physical comfort in our family, at the opposite end, Capricorn increases the desire to power and dominate others, worldly ambitions, professional goals, rigid rules and responsibilities, selfishness, control of the authorities. Both signs want to build something sustainable but while Cancer wants to build a house, a family, Capricorn wants to build a state, an empire, a business, a strong career. Cancer governs private life, family needs, child care, mother, the main motivation is the security of the home, his family. His energy is still at an immature level of the mind and he must learn to take care of others but without letting the insecurity bind him too close to people. The antidote to this profound insecurity is to turn inward and develop faith in the soul, in something beyond man. Capricorn is about surviving in this physical world: how to develop a career, a business, a marriage of interest, toughness, extreme struggles for the top of the pyramid, money, as much money as possible, to build palaces and not houses. When we analyze the value of this Capricorn energy in the development of the soul, we must constantly remember that the enthusiasm and strength to climb as high as possible must be tempered by compassion, not to lose the image of love for people.

The ability to “take care” of Cancer becomes in Capricorn an ability to “take care” of goals, careers, professional ambitions, and things that we believe give us security and notoriety. At the lower level, both signs turn us into slaves of family and career.
Fusion with the higher mind is impossible if we feel separated from the divine and separation is the cause of all fear and insecurity.

At the higher level, we remember our divine origin, the Christ in us. Thus, the subconscious is purified by false interpretations, false devotion, false walls of security, fears, purely animalistic endeavors and its superficial interpretations. Only through a spiritual perspective, through a life dedicated to spiritual concepts, do we drive away fear, stress, materialistic concepts. Only through faith can we fight our fears, we can overcome insecurity, we can be free and at the same time connected to everything and everyone but in an altruistic way.

And this Full Moon in Cancer brings to our attention the imbalances created by our fears about family, parents, traditions, race, career, positions, solid foundations, long-term planning, stability, authorities.

Now, everything that is not in line with our evolution will be enlightened, shown, punished or rewarded. Because their task is to protect life, Cancers are equipped with long, graceful and sensitive antennas, with which they can feel (a powerful radar) and touch everything. Not coincidentally, the mantra of Cancer is “I feel everything”, so pay attention to the emotions that speak to you now, tell the truth, guide you correctly. And that is why this full Moon in Cancer asks us to let go of things, people, emotions, fears that hurt us, that no longer offer us security and safety.

What do you eat?
You feed on negativity, fear, envy, hatred, jealousy, gossip, malice or kindness, forgiveness, compassion, unconditional help, unconditional love, peace, harmony. Everyone will now receive the “food” they have cared for.

As the Moon in Cancer is in its natural home this phase of the Full Moon becomes strong both by the sign (Cancer) and by the astrological house that illuminates it, we are talking about house VII, an angular house. This Full Moon places special emphasis on faith, feelings, family, memory, country, nation, emotional security, relationships, associations, known enemies, competitors, rivals, children, judges, lawyers, court decisions.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus (past, unpredictable steps from the past, to find new solutions to old problems, to think beyond imaginable) is the mediating planet of the opposition Moon in Cancer – Sun in Capricorn. He tells us that the “remodeling” of emotions, fears, of what feeds us energetically, is necessary.
It is important to understand that the Moon in Cancer doubles the importance of the family, home, nation, people, sensibilities, and moods of each of us. It is our emotional memory, a basis for our “ingrained” habits and attitudes. Uranus is the lightning that suddenly changes circumstances. It also represents innovation, independence, unexpected. Uranus shakes everything it touches and makes changes to what is usually considered normal. Uranus in the aspect of a beneficial sextile with the full moon in Cancer shows that our mood can change unexpectedly. Things tend to go differently than we expect but we have to enjoy the news, the surprises. Finally, Uranus is the awakener and asks us to become aware of our true nature, to see life from a divine perspective, to emancipate ourselves. We each know, deep inside, how we are locked up and who holds the key to our cage lock (Cancer). No one else holds us captive except the lack of faith, thoughts, feelings, vulnerabilities, manipulation, and control of others.

It is time to look at situations with fresh eyes, so that we can discover a new way. Uranus does all this for our benefit. The cosmos is trying to push us in a new direction. All retrograde planets bring to our attention a problem, a key situation and retrograde Uranus in Taurus talks about the relationship we have with ourselves and our body, with our values, needs and resources, as well as with our survival instinct.

The great challenge of this astral moment is to learn to differentiate between our own feelings and the feelings of others. Insecurity is only a mirror of our selfish, frightening, materialistic efforts. Overcoming insecurity is impossible if we seek security in the outside world – because the “world” will continue to challenge us.

The major influence of this month is on those born around the 30th of the cardinal signs Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra but also for those who have planets around grade 9 Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra.

It is a time for forgiveness, positive communication, joy, forget evil and embrace good, someone up there loves us and we must also respond through love.

Thank you!

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