Saturn – Jupiter conjunction – Rebirth of Jesus

The Bethlehemian star that signaled the birth of Jesus may have been displayed by the alignment of our two largest planets 2000 years ago.
This phenomenon will be repeated this Christmas.
We can see in the last 6 months that Jupiter and Saturn approach each other more and more. 
Due to the shortness of their orbital time around the Sun, the internal planets make conjunction more often, but the two giants have relatively longer orbital time around the Sun.

The conjunction between them is a period of changes on a human scale and determines the following 200 years.
This year’s conjunction is considered special as their angular distance will be much smaller than average. It is only 6 arc minutes.
This has not happened since 1623, but that was only partially visible.
Previous visible ones happened in 1563 and 1226
According to the Scripture, the birth of Jesus was announced by a star, also called the Star of Bethlehem
Astrologers and astronomers have tried to decipher this phenomenon and they believed it related to the triple alignment in the constellation of Pisces in 7 BC.
It does make sense as Jupiter has always referred to as a King, Saturn was considered as the planet of Judaism and Pisces represented birth.
In my opinion, one of the manifestations of Saturn-Jupiter’s alignment will bring a savior to the earth, someone who wants to heal and put together the broken parts.

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