On October 31, 2020, the sky invites us to participate in a unique astral spectacle, a second Full Moon in October (the first was on October 2), called the Blue Moon, the Hunter’s Moon. It is a unique Blue Moon (it is hand in hand with the incomparable and eccentric Uranus) on the degree 8:38 Taurus illuminated in all its grandeur by the Sun on the degree 8:38 Scorpio. The major theme of this astral moment is about values, money, goods, financial and emotional security, transformation, regeneration, revealed secrets, “die and become another person, give birth to a new one in you”.

Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means they are constant, solid, safe, and stubborn. Both have strong desires but the sensual Taurus is soft (unless he is angry!) Compared to the legendary passions of Scorpio. Taurus is an earth sign and represents the essence of stability, perseverance, loyalty, sensuality, material wealth. It represents our core values, self-esteem, talents, abilities, and gifts that we can ultimately turn into money, material goods, or spiritual goods. Full of resources and self-sufficiency, Taurus is tireless in his work to achieve his goals and the security he needs. Taurus is a fixed sign of the earth that often remains attached only to the external success and things that are pleasing to the eye. Scorpio is also fixed but water sign, and represents a more abstract concept; life, death, and rebirth, the wealth hidden inside us, and that we must discover, the wealth of others, manipulation, games, and secret plans. If Taurus is primarily looking for ways to capitalize on his native gifts, Scorpio has an obsessive way of going beyond his own personal boundaries, manipulating and amassing wealth using the natural talents of another. The contrast between the simple, earthly, practical, peace-loving Taurus and the mysterious, secretive, transformative, crisis-oriented Scorpio reaches its peak. If the Moon in Taurus believes in simplicity and all that is tangible, the Scorpio Sun draws our attention to mysteries, to values ​​that have no material substance and are intangible.

Each energy developed to the detriment of the other produces an imbalance and this Full Moon shows us in a rather emotional way that we have developed too much and we have unbalanced our life. Ideally, these energies are in balance but life on earth is lived almost permanently through relational, financial, emotional imbalances.

A full moon usually reveals something hidden and today’s moon casts a special glow on everything related to values, talents, and abilities, finances, greed, fear of poverty, acquisition, and control of wealth, investments, power and common interests, inheritances, taxes , intimate relationships, business, contracts for money, karma-debts of the soul.

This Full Moon can highlight where we are stuck, rigid, and oppose change by forgetting that the only constant in the universe is changing. As such, this Full Moon can involve all sorts of situations that threaten our inner system of security and values but are necessary for our growth. Our habits can become so ingrained and we can be so rigid and blocked for the sake of “personal security” that often the cosmos has nowhere to go and spoils our plans for things to move again and align with our true purpose. Taurus finds the changes quite disturbing, but this Full Moon in Taurus with the famous Uranus in Taurus and illuminated by the Sun in Scorpio will snatch the earth from under us and force us to go where we find the experiences necessary for our evolution. It is very easy to fall into patterns that simply repeat and repeat. And this Full Moon will help us recognize them and make the necessary changes. The key to finding a balance between the two signs is to recognize where we might be too rigid for security and try to overcome this rigidity so that we can move forward.

This full Moon tests us and rewards our ability to see that beyond the fragile illusion of material form is a manifestation of the divine in all that is the material world. Finally, we must awaken and understand that we are only a temporary custodian of ephemeral physical matter, either by abundance or lack.

The Full Moon in Taurus, ie the opposition between the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio activates the I-VII axis, an axis of social life, a relational axis in which “I” becomes a fraction of a whole. The first house represents, among other things, the way we express ourselves in the world, how we behave, while the seventh house tells us, in a broad sense, how our energy is received, how others react to this behavior.

The full moon in Taurus perfectly aligned with Uranus in Taurus brings an element of surprise, a moment of Evrika !, a desire to experience something new, exciting, and daring. We can expect the unexpected when Uranus is involved and because it is related to the Moon but in opposition to the Sun in Scorpio, our mood and relationships can change unexpectedly. The full moon in Taurus intensifies concerns about money, resources, security, what we value in life, the skills and talents we have that help us survive in the world, self-esteem and self-dignity, secret plans for power, business.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lilith in Taurus (she entered this sign on October 21 and will stay until July 18, 2021) joins this astral scenario that propagates the “unexpected”. Lilith in Taurus talks about karma (payments of the soul) related to everything related to the earth element: money and material goods, wealth and fear of poverty, movable and immovable property, revenge out of jealousy, extreme greed, destruction of the welfare and peace of others, deception, the deification of material things, body and money, primitive behavior, abuse of women, rape. With Lilith in Taurus, the attachment of material possessions, financial security, is strong. Greed or deification of things and the body, lack of respect for the earth, for everything that represents feminine energy, would simply mean that the same mistakes are repeated. Therefore, respect for everything that has a life here on earth, for unconditional love, should be developed. Peace, simplicity, and natural beauty, respect for vulnerable and weak living beings must be pursued and developed. It is important to pursue the well-being of the Earth. It is essential to develop kindness, sensitivity, purity, respect for women, children, fauna, and flora.
Lilith in Taurus brings a terrible fear of renewal and change, brings confrontations with life situations that totally confuse the agenda, plans, financial security. It is a time when a permanent job or a fixed income is sought without results. The big challenge here is to learn to deal with unexpected and unprecedented twists, to dare to “jump into the unknown”, there we find the greatest riches for ourselves. Were you expelled or rejected? Lilith in Taurus encourages us to create our own paradise and celebrate what makes us happy.

This Full Moon in Taurus is significant for those born around April 30, July 31, October 31, January 31 (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) but also for those who have planets around the 9th degree Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

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