How to lose weight through astrology?

I’m pretty sure we all desire to lose weight…..well me definitely:)

Beginning is probably the hardest part and physical regime can be intimidating. You can go online and look for a fast track diet, but those usually fail as we find it impossible to follow. We are all unique with different taste and lifestyle.

Gaining weight in most cases is related to a mental issue we have as we want to build up the walls to be protected.

Before we do any diet, we all should know that every single of us are beautiful and people around us (family, friends, partner) love us to bits.

If you want to lose weight then
Firstly I recommend having a look at the ruler of your 6th house (eating habits, everyday life) and that can describe the way you tend to eat.

Let me give you my own example. The ruler of my 6th house is Moon (Cancer house cusp). Cancer is a water sign and they have weakness for sweet food and sugary drinks, in the worst scenario for alcohol as well. Cancer people tend to be a good cook and they love looking after others, so they usually cook big portions.

Food to avoid is starchy food such as potato, breads as they make you bloat up.
Instead of drinking sugary stuff, you would be (or I shall say I would be) better off drinking herbal tea .

As Cancer is a water sign, these people are fascinated by water sport so swimming would be great, not only because it is enjoyable but also an excellent exercise, as you have to use most of your muscles.

The other planet you might want to have a look at is Jupiter as it rules our tendency to retain fat. Jupiter is about gains in any field of our life.

What is the ruler of your 6th house?
Where are your natal moon and Jupiter in your birth chart?
What is your favourite food?

Saturn will transit my natal moon soon so that’s a brilliant time for me to start my diet:)

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