Ladies!!- what makes you hard to date with-astrology!

I am going to show you few difficult positions to have in your birth chart to see why it is harder for you to find love.

These are only indications and of course you would always need a professional astrologer to have a look at your chart in-depth.

When we want to see how a woman feels in her own skin we should always check the position of the Moon. ( Moon is the planet of feelings, receptiveness)

– Firstly, I would like you to check if there is another planet in the same sign. Let’s see one by one how other planets changes of your emotional state of mind. The closer the aspect it is, the more you feel this psychological influence.

If SATURN is in the same sign:

It is one of the most difficult position to have for women as Saturn is the planet of restriction, barriers and Moon is the emotional wellbeing. These women might have had to grow up quite quickly due to a loss (mental or physical) of one of their parents. If I wanted to show you a drawing how this hard aspect would be symbolized then you would see a woman in ice-crystal clothes and few tear drops rolling down on her cheek. (Moon is the planet of tears and Saturn is the rock)

It shows a woman who seems to be very cold outside, who has to do everything on her own with no help, but crying inside as she wants to be loved. In most cases these women have to sacrifise a lot in their lives and they are extremely overprotective in their relarionships.

With age however, they will start to mellow and begin to act more like a teenager again.

Psychologically if you did not feel loved when you were a kid, then you will project this to your partner.

– Also check the 4th sign from your Moon sign as the 4th sign will give indication of your emotional wellbeing. For example if you have a Libra Moon then have a look if you might have Saturn, North node or South node in Capricorn. It is going to be a very similar impact.

– Moon and north node in the same sign or the 4th sign from the Moon:

The closer the aspect, the stronger you feel it. The north node is the point in the chart where we need to be, experiences we need to have in this lifetime. It wants to teach you to come to terms with your emotional and intuitional side of the self. North node is something you have not developed in your past life. You did not learn how to love. (If you don’t believe in past lives, then just think of your childhood)
These women usually are sex symbols. (Pamela Anderson has got something similar). As North Node is the projector, they are extremely good to make people believe that they are confident, however inside they are insecure.

– Moon is with Mars or Mars is in the 4th sign from the Moon:

Mars is the planet of a warrior. It makes women very passionate and hot-blooded. They have got an urge to prove themselves. They are able to stand their ground and fight for their truth.
Don’t be too scared to see this in your chart as these ladies tend to be extremely successful and driven.

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