Mars entered Aries on June 28

Mars – the planet of war – has entered Aries and will stay there till 6th of January 2021
Mars represents our actions, energy level, rage and aggression in our birth chart. Every single of us has got anger within us, we don’t need to deny this but embrace it. Everyone has got their Mars wearing a type of clothing ( sign), some are more stylish and some are less revealing. 

Right now Mars is regrouping its energy in its own sign, but held a little back by Saturn, although by a peaceful aspect, sextile. Am I calling Mars peaceful in the sign of Aries? Not at all, I would be crazy to do that:) Let’s just say he is more controlled at the moment.
In a couple of days, the peacemaking sextile will vanish though as Saturn will step back into its own sign, Capricorn and the next aspect Mars will form is a square to Mercury.
This could be a very intense period of time in communication, in the ways we think, but I believe it will only be a slight breeze before the storm in September. Be careful when travelling or commuting as Mercury rules anything related to commuting and Mars tends to become aggressive on the roads. I would not be shocked at all if I heard more about accidents in July.
The real fun starts around 25th of July when the 3 big boys ( Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn) will form a T-square with Mercury and Mars. Not to mention the Sun and Uranus square…..This might be felt more on a mundane level: expansion, power struggles, media, volatile energies in the world. Of course, you might feel it on a personal level as well, especially if you have planets between 20-28 degrees of the cardinal signs.
What I am expecting is that there will be a quarrel between states and countries. Everyone in the world will be a lot louder. Unfortunately, there is a slight chance to see some war or demonstrations hitting up also…
I am also expecting to see more natural disasters, such as fire or very strong winds. 
Unfortunately, I am trying to stay positive, but this time around I have not seen many helpful aspects. I will be back with another update and article in the following few days.

The planet Mars entered the sign of Aries on June 28, and for each sign, there are really important changes. For many of them, a new stage in life begins!

Mars in Aries on June 28: two things to know for each sign

Aries – The first change: you will learn to be a little more responsible with your financial resources. The second change: You will get over the conflicts that once consumed all your energy with more maturity.

Taurus – First change: You will be a little more combative, with the risk of making enemies. Honeymoon is over for those who thought you were naive. The second change may even be moving to a new home.

Virgos become intriguing to those around them

Gemini – The first change that comes with the penetration of Mars into Aries occurs in the career. You get an important contract. The second change will take place in the sentimental realm: a new love appears in your life.

Cancer – First change: Give up certain vices, maybe even smoking. The second change: You start giving up pride and being more obedient.

Leo – The two changes are related to your lifestyle: it is possible to give up a habit and start playing sports.

Virgo – You become much more uncompromising with certain people, but at the same time more superficial. It’s a paradoxical game in your mind that outsiders won’t understand.

Libra – From June 28 it is possible to move out of the house, in a more spacious and beautiful house and it is not excluded to change your job.

Scorpio – Changes come sentimentally. You have a new love in your life, but you also enjoy the resumption of older friendships.

Sagittarius – Important moments await you. You make changes in the house because you come to the conclusion that if you live in a messy environment it affects you mentally and, at the same time, you make changes in yourself to feel better in your skin.

Capricorn – Mars brings you an awakening of consciousness, a kind of revelation about the magnitude you have to give to certain events in your life.

Aquarius – It changes the balance of power at work for you, but also the role you have played so far in your family.

Pisces – The big change is about money: The fear that you get poor in a short time, and that should motivate you to fight harder to get everything done. The second change comes on a relational level: you have a new love.

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