Ringing SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER – June 21, 2020

We start the summer with an annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer that is taking place in the New Moon phase in Cancer (the Sun in Cancer in conjunction with the Moon in Cancer degree 0:21 and near the North Lunar Node at degree 29:07 Gemini).

During an annular solar eclipse, the apparent size of the Moon in the sky is not large enough to completely cover the Sun as it happens during a total eclipse. Therefore, a thin ring of the Sun surrounds the moon as in the image below:

This annular eclipse is visible in Central Africa, South Asia, China, the Pacific, southeastern Europe.

All eclipses speak of changes but change according to the destiny of each one. During the Solar Eclipse, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily turning off the light to the earth. Now, divinity temporarily extinguishes the light for earthlings but ignites the light in our souls, often showing us in a rather harsh way what we need to leave, change, initiate, in our lives. This “up to the cosmic current” becomes an instrument through which the universe awakens us, shakes us, snatches us from everything that holds us in place.

The presence of the lunar North Node in this astral equation only opens doors to new opportunities for our change. Think of the North Node as a divine compass that shows us the right direction, our spiritual path, the lessons were chosen by the soul to grow, evolve. The sooner we give up the “old things, attitudes, patterns” of our lives, the more new situations, new people, will be attracted like a magnet in our lives.

The themes of Cancer, a cardinal sign (action) of water (sensitive) led by the Moon (in this sign, the Moon is “home”) are related to pregnancy, birth, mother, children, family, family ties, private space and domestic comfort, country of origin. Under the influence of the sign Cancer, strong emotions and feelings push people to extreme behaviours, they can exaggerate or they can mask, block, their emotional reactions. This extremely sensitive part can be a big disadvantage, resulting in excessive reactions and exaggerated emotional behavior. Every person belongs to a family, a community, a country, the feeling of belonging (Cancer) is part of our life. The insecurity of Cancer is only a mirror of selfish, frightening, materialistic efforts.

Overcoming insecurity is impossible if we seek security in the outside world – because the “world” will continue to challenge us. True security is a matter of the heart – which is not understood by the intellect. The time has come to remember that we all have the same divine source, that we are children of God, and that only God is the stone on which to stand safely. The North Node in Gemini (which we should do) has a natural affinity for all aspects of communication, to learn to appreciate simple things.

This magical moment urges us to think about family, home, childhood, real estate, family heritage, customs, traditions, public interests, people, soul, and any good plan to develop a “base” that will give us security. , stability. It is time to show altruism and tolerance towards parents, siblings, children, neighbours. We need to clarify our own thinking in order to be better listened to by others. Let’s learn to respect the opinions of others, to communicate openly, naturally, sociably.

This is a time of great transformation. Eclipses are strongly emotional and the eclipse in the house of cancer expands this emotion and asks us to remain anchored on the ground. The change brought about by this eclipse requires us to use our sharp intuition to guide us to the new possibilities that come our way.

The great challenge brought by this eclipse comes through the contribution of the North Node in Gemini which asks us to see the world from a simple, common-sense perspective, to do something concrete instead of philosophizing endlessly. It is time to learn the art of dialogue, the art of conversation, to master arrogance.

In the map of the moment, the annular solar eclipse in Cancer activates house XI, a house where we discover that we are not alone, here are our friends, our allies, our protectors, spiritual guides, our power within a group, the power of a group, hopes ours, here we work for the future. House XI also brings us face to face with astrology, computers, electricity, aeroplanes, humanitarian causes, unexpected earnings. A solar eclipse in the 11th house is often accompanied by hope, optimism, faith, ambition, eccentricity, shocks. In house XI, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer heals our soul, vain hopes, physical body, our relationships, brings the necessary protector, the benevolent friend, the unexpected rewards. With the Solar Eclipse in house XI, we learn that God is our best friend and we should not run away from this friendship.

The solar eclipse at 0:21 degree Cancer makes a disjointed appearance (150 degrees) almost perfectly with retrograde Saturn at 0:40 degree Aquarius. Whatever the reasons, water (Cancer) and air (Aquarius) are not understood without strong mediation. The effects of this aspect are difficult to predict, they require an adjustment, a change of attitude, an adaptation, a need to defend our position. Not only is it an unpredictable moment, but a road on the ramp does not offer too much visibility. The only way to change the dynamics of this aspect is to trust the inner voice, our intuition (the divine voice within us), so that we can go through the challenges of this moment that walks us between the desire for stability, security, fear, extreme sensitivity. , home, family (Cancer) and restrictions, obligations, constructions, empires, careers, functions, governed by Saturn.

As Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius and House VI, things that are mismanaged and need to be corrected are also related to work, professional projects, employees and employers, the medical system, medical equipment, bosses, taking on responsibilities and tasks at work, health.

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius forces us to reconnect spiritually and understand that success does not come from physical things and that is why its great mission here on earth is to destroy, to destroy our dependence on material for us to wake up. and to realize that true fulfilment comes when we accept to be in the service (house VI) of God.

Saturn, the “Great Teacher,” teaches us that the spiritual and mental abilities we acquire throughout life are our bodily possessions. Only they can give us the true feeling of joy, security, happiness and harmony.

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