On September 10, Mars “our boy of fire” enters the retrograde movement from the degree of 28:09 Aries reaching the end of this apparently retrograde movement on the degree of 15:04 Aries on November 14, 2020. Mars is retrograde every two years and its motion lasts about 58-81 days. A planet becomes stronger when it is retrograde. Mars is the energy of life and death. He is a vitality, desire to live, confidence, boldness, aggression, and competition. It indicates the passion with which we live our lives, how we express our anger, how we get angry, how we respond to the anger and nerves of others. He is present when we start something new when we work against the clock when we respond to life’s challenges when we dance at a party when we get excited about something or someone when we have to defend ourselves. Mars is the symbol of the “personal warrior” in each of us.

When Mars is retrograde, these qualities are not expressed in a healthy way to the outside but tend to move inward and cause psychological and physical problems if unbalanced.

Retrograde Mars asks us to re-evaluate how we use our energy, what we want, and how we give life to our desires. It is a time of introspection of our desires, if, in direct motion, Mars raises us to our feet, now, retrograde Mars puts us back in the chair by better analyzing how we gave life to some desires, what they meant in our lives, how we fought for them, how careful we were in our struggle with life, with people, with ourselves. If in direct motion, Mars is direct, simple, assertive, aggressive, selfish, demonstrative, in seemingly retrograde motion, this energy is internalized, personalized, we become a “pressure cooker.” The way we act under normal conditions no longer works now, therefore, there may be situations in which aggression can take incredible forms. Because of this, Mars’ seemingly retrograde energy can lead to irrational behaviors and reactions both in the personal way of acting, initiating, and receiving the actions of others. In a way, now, we can do things upside down, we act when we don’t have to, and when we have to we become uninterested, forward, to do what we have to do. “Don’t start a war” now our dear Mars tells us, you are not properly equipped to win the battle and “whoever fires first, loses.

With Mars retrograde in Aries, impatience can be our greatest enemy. If by our carelessness, we have strayed from the true course of our lives.

Aries governs independent work, initiative, independence, the courage to express ourselves, the war with ourselves but also with others, aggression, excessive authority, our own points of view, among others. During Mars’ seemingly retrograde Aries movement, we may need to reevaluate our approach to these issues. It is possible that certain circumstances will force us to make these reassessments. A retrograde planet scans the past, brings back to our attention the people and problems of our past. Now, there may be hesitation, caution, and fear in taking risks, all kinds of independent activities. It is possible to review or redo certain old things, actions, decisions. This is a great time to see old issues in a new light. Redefining current projects can be particularly satisfying and, ultimately, rewarding. Although it is a strong time to identify problem areas, we must be very careful not to turn them into obsessions, a strong tendency of retrograde Mars. There follows a period in which agitation is present everywhere, it is a Martian fire that encompasses everyone and all activities.

Nothing goes in this world without divine support, and if Mars, the God of Action, tells us that He does not sustain us in anything new (depending on the realm in which you have the sign of Aries and the sign of Scorpio), we should obey His will. If indirect walking, we act by virtue of our desires, now, in retrograde walking, we must act in full agreement with the divine desire, with the desire of this god who wants to be clearly aware of past actions that are doomed to failure and that can simplify, improve, heal our lives. There follows a period (until November 14) beneficial to the revision, reanalysis of some actions, projects from the past. Aggression can increase and can seem to come from nowhere. Remember that whoever decides to fight loses. Watch your aggression and avoid aggressive people.

For example Gemini rising people, retrograde Mars begins in house XI, a house that connects with friends and benefactors, organizations and groups, networks, career income, ideals and hopes, spiritual visions and aspirations, group efforts, political activities, allies, electricity, airplanes, galaxies, ballots, advisers, humanitarian causes and unexpected gains. With retrograde Mars, all of these activities can be quite challenging, but the good part is that we can assess whether our current goals make us truly happy.

Enthusiasm for group or community activities, for maintaining a friendship, may decrease, probably due to problems that may arise. It is possible to increase confusion about long-term goals, some may lose interest in an ideal, for group projects.

Retrograde Mars becomes very strong and influential energy in our lives because it is closest to the earth and induces great difficulties in managing this energy in a controlled way except those who have retrograde Mars in their natal chart, so they know very well “the divine voice of retrograde Mars ”.

Don’t start anything new! Retrograde Mars is similar to Retrograde Mercury in many ways, but Mars is associated with action, existential struggles, enemies, direct or indirect confrontations, projects, and the energy needed for something to succeed. The ability to discriminate and make decisions will be affected, so important decisions should not be made, the fewer decisions the fewer mistakes. And health/vitality will be affected in one way or another. It’s time to go at low speed, with your foot on the brake pedal. Things should not be forced. Impulsive activities do not work in our favor when Mars is retrograde.

Everyone is affected in one way or another by the demotion of Mars, but those born in Aries and Scorpio or who have ascendant and personal planets in these signs will feel this period quite strongly.

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