On December 1, 2020, Mercury, the messenger of God, enters the sign of Sagittarius, a home not very comfortable for this god but at least in the hearth, the fire burns, it is the light, and we can see things better, people. After a very long period in which Mercury transited the sign of Scorpio (due to demotion), we can get our heads out of Pluto’s land and stay in the light.

As Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign associated with the idea of ​​expanding our horizons, with Mercury in this fire sign, we become more optimistic, as if we have more interesting options, we can more easily visualize what we want, where we want to go. It’s time to look for the truth. Even though with Mercury in Sagittarius we may think we know them all, it is good to understand that Truth is a moving target, there will always be much to learn and understand. It is important to think before we speak, not to let our words accidentally cause “pain” in others.

Mercury in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter still in Capricorn and that makes it look uncomfortable with the Moon in Gemini in the moment map. We need to be more vigilant with all the information that comes to us now. Many can be a form of propaganda that promotes the interests and agendas of people with high positions (Jupiter in Capricorn), work projects, health, (Jupiter in the sixth house). Incoming messages must be questioned and tested before they can be believed. Promises can be great but impossible to deliver, mainly because they are unrealistic. On December 13, Mercury in Sagittarius looks like a square with Neptune in Pisces which will make communication extremely confusing and absurd. And Mercury in Sagittarius merging with the South Node in Sagittarius can bring an end to karmic payments to relatives, brothers, and sisters. It is time to learn that the Light frees us from the restrictions of “darkness”, it is much better to live in the LIGHT.

Mercury’s transit into Sagittarius has a major influence on mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces.

Aries / The ascendant in Aries: travel, abroad, higher education, faith, law, relatives, work. You are supported to develop your faith, intuition, to open your eyes to the wider horizon in front of you. It is the best time to learn that the truth means more than everyday problems and knowledge stored in your head. Your mind can be focused on a higher ideal, a journey, faith, relatives, the community in which you live.

Taurus / The ascendant in Taurus: common finances, inheritances, taxes, loans, alimony, prizes, occultism. You are helped to investigate hidden things and seek the truth. You are more intuitive than usual and you can more easily notice the problems hidden by the people around you. You have the ability to perceive all things in a rather deep way, you see daily problems through the eyes of a rather intuitive investigator. You can read between the lines, you can make financial plans and strategies. Research is also highly favored. Time is on your side if you want to develop spiritually.

Gemini / The ascendant in Gemini: life partner, partnerships, marriage, divorce, lawyer, how you act in everyday life. You can give a lot of advice to others, some of which may be helpful, some not. But you don’t have to be everywhere, you don’t have to interfere in other people’s lives with your opinion. It is time to understand your limits and respect the limits of others. It is a period of reshaping your personality and compassion and understanding of others is a major lesson.

Cancer / Ascendant in Cancer: health, colleagues, job, bonuses, work schedule, daily routines. It is an excellent time to order your daily activities, to solve the congestion, and to face all the problems at work. There may be more activity, movement, contact, and communication with co-workers now. Positive thinking works wonders while pessimistic thinking can also affect your health.

Leo / The Ascendant in Leo: creativity, love, children, greatness, speculation, work, colleagues, health. Your thinking is more creative than usual. Your thoughts can be directed towards children, pleasures or romance, speculative projects. You are more willing to take some risks now but don’t overdo it.

Virgo / Ascendant in Virgo: home, family commitments, parents, personal image, career, social status, professional ambitions. Family can be a priority in your thinking. There may be some news or changes in the family, it becomes clearer how to solve a family problem or a problem related to a house, a parent.

Libra / The Ascendant in Libra: communication, self-expression, study, writing, trade, short trips, relatives, brothers, secrets, karma, faith, abroad. The time has come to bring to light what bothers you in your relationship with your relatives, with your neighbors. There may be a tendency to worry about insignificant issues. This period can be crowded with neighbors, relatives, the problems of the community in which you live. Your interests are very varied now and can be spread. It is the best time to start learning something new, to understand the power of thinking.

Scorpio / The Ascendant in Scorpio: money, savings plans, properties, native values, personal growth, friends. Now you are more practical and rational in approaching finances, personal values, “what I can do through myself.” It can be a time when you tend to worry about finances. With your mind focused on money and goods, as well as personal values, this can be a good time to see what changes you need to make the most of yourself. Accepting spiritual values ​​as an inherent part of your life can guide you in capitalizing on your native talents and this can help you build emotional and financial security.

Sagittarius / Ascendant in Sagittarius: personal image, relationships, life partner, partner, career, professional ambitions. This is the time to be direct and to communicate your needs and interests. You can talk more about yourself, about what you want to do next. It is important to calm your mind, not to exaggerate. Your attitude can be more optimistic. Before warning others that you do not understand, take a step back and think about what you want to convey, what you want to express. Using the power of words to attract what you want or to promote your interests works best now.

Capricorn / The Ascendant in Capricorn: past, secrets, karma, hidden games, work, strangers, foreignness, faith. Your mind can be focused on private matters, on deciphering the past for answers. It is a good time for research, quiet contemplation, and meditation. Creative efforts could thrive now, especially those that attract emotions or require a lot of imagination. You can become more secluded, secretive, you can discover certain secrets or enemies that hurt you. Spirituality can be an important guide now. Let your intuition guide you to eliminate difficult situations and make decisions.

Aquarius / Ascendant in Aquarius: friends, unexpected, groups, humanitarianism, esoteric sciences, love, children, lots of money, business, intimate life. You can be quite original in solving problems, find innovative solutions to problems. You can be attracted to original ideas and concepts and those that seem strange, avant-garde, revolutionary, liberating. It’s time to focus on those relationships that share your interests, that can help you give life to your hopes.

Pisces / The Ascendant in Pisces: career, professional ambitions, social status, family, life partner, enemies. Your mind can be focused on a professional project, on professional ambitions, public image. You can better see what opportunities you have, who you can rely on in the development of your career. An excellent period for new professional strategies is coming.

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