New Moon in Libra, October 16, 2020

The New Moon is associated with new beginnings and in the cardinal and air sign of Libra, these “beginnings” are related to crucial decisions, we have the opportunity to weigh certain life situations (where the Libra sign appears on the natal chart) and decide in which direction we must go next. Libra governs balance, peace, harmony, beauty, relationships, justice, the law of karma, diplomacy, and fairness. The shadow aspect of Libra is indecision, anger, versatility, superficiality. Libra talks about “me and you, me, and myself.” Libra symbolizes weight-based judgment. With the New Moon in the sign of Libra (grade 23:53) we begin to weigh the soul, the people, the past, our relationships, our thoughts, their value. Commitments, promises, signatures, unions, connections, agreements, lawsuits, and in general business related to the laws, complete the Libra business card. It is the best time to analyze and add something new to our relational model (the relationship with myself, the relationship with others), to understand how we can harmonize our relationships, the relationship with ourselves, marriages, work relationships, business, family, children, husband, wife, etc.).

Libra is quite undecided in making a decision, it needs time for a clear, conscious, and correct solution. And this New Moon asks us to carefully weigh the options, opportunities but also the challenges that come our way. New Moon in Libra (balance, relationships, equality, love, femininity, creativity, life together, scales, tolerance, diplomacy, peace, understanding, refinement, comparison, and cooperation) activates house V, a house that talks about love, children, school, pleasures of all kinds. In the fifth house, we seek to express our own creativity. Creativity can be expressed through children as extensions of our physical bodies or through various art forms as interior extensions. This house is also associated with leisure activities, sports, gambling, love things, in fact, all forms of recreation in which we seek to express ourselves freely and without inhibitions. Here, the new beginnings (new moon) leave traces in life, society, whether we are talking about the birth of a child, the birth of great love, the birth of a work of art, literature, cultural institution, a great invention, a remarkable achievement of a child. In house V, the New Moon in Libra combines the verb “to balance” with “of you” putting a special emphasis on the relationship with ourselves but also with others. The New Moon in Libra is part of a rather challenging configuration (square in T) because it opposes retrograde Mars in Aries and makes square aspects with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. There are many things that happen under the influence of this challenging configuration in our relationships, career, power, professional image, creativity, relationship with children, job, business, travel, education, faith, society, country.

It is the intense energy of rebirth and transformation that helps us redirect our energy to create more balance, as well as make the necessary restructurings. Particular emphasis is placed on releasing the need for control, as well as on giving up old insecurities, traumas, emotional attachments. Pluto’s energies can be quite disruptive and challenging, sometimes things have to deteriorate before anything new can be built.

Pluto means transformation and regeneration and almost always talks about “dying and becoming a different person”. Saturn is also closely related to the notion of karma, the spiritual principle of cause and effect. Pluto’s action is that of implosion and transformation. When Pluto is active in collective or personal events, an old order falls, dies and a new way of life emerges from the remains. Pluto’s archetype is destructive, but sometimes destruction is necessary to sow a new life. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, this is really a moment of truth, of reality that we keep trying to dress differently. Thus, we can no longer avoid the fact that some things in our lives no longer work, that they are worn out and need to be changed. Many hidden things come to the surface, many things that are not used correctly begin to decompose. So, we are talking about a time when we must be responsible, attentive, realign with the divine order, understand that we can not do everything we want. Now, it is not just about us but about something greater than us, the divine order. We must use this new energy to free ourselves from the past and from limiting beliefs. There are always positive ways to use energy, no matter how tense they are. Libra can always strive for harmony and balance but now the road is full of revelations from the past, difficulties, tense life situations, conflicts, and huge fears. So, the great lesson of this new month is about us, about the need to find peace and love in ourselves. This is how we will improve our relationships.

There is a potential with this aspect for healing and discovery, helping us to leave behind the old aggressive, and impulsive ways and to focus on new harmonious, loving, and peaceful ways. Our energy levels can be quite low and more rest, meditation, spiritual practices, and self-love are recommended.

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