A new moon is always about a new beginning. Now, the Sun and the Moon, the ancient symbols of the Father and the Mother, are in the same sign and the same degree of the zodiac. It is the cosmic marriage that talks about birth, rebirth, transformation, new projects, new goals, or a new coat for the existing ones.

Now, the Sun is hand in hand with the Moon at 23:18 Scorpio and begins to distribute gifts to all those invited, especially for those born around the 15th of any zodiac sign.
Scorpio, the sign that wears this New Moon is a water sign associated with depth, darkness, power, control, sex, money, secrets, undercover operations, deep relationships, manipulation. Scorpio is the detective who observes everything from a place of his choice, has a natural understanding of rebirth, transformation, death, regeneration. Scorpio governs at the same time the “other’s money” such as investments, partner’s money, bank loans, commissions, inheritances. This New Moon in Scorpio is about cleansing, forgiveness, and transformation, not by chance, this sign brings the apparent death of nature that still survives in the seed. There is no greater mystery to be solved now than the mystery of our truth. Be your own detective, work for yourself, discover yourself! Let’s listen to intuition, it is strong now and it never fails. The body is the messenger. What does your body say?

Wherever the scorpion appears in an astrological map is the place where we complete things and we can receive a bonus, a reward, we get out of prison, we get out into the light. But for this we must accept and love our fears, our fears, so they will diminish their control over us, so we remember that we are stronger than any problem or obstacle that gets in our way. Let’s give up negative thinking, fear, let’s connect only with the good, only with what works well.
It is an extremely emotional new month because Scorpio wants to purify and release toxic emotions, to release the illusions and stories that we carry with us, and that prevents us from getting what we really want. Water signs are always a time of deep emotional healing. It causes us to cleanse toxic emotions to make room for new experiences.
Scorpio also regulates issues related to life, death, transformation, intimacy, relationships, destruction, renewal, and regeneration. And the New Moon in Scorpio amplifies crisis situations, life and death decisions, emergency services, profound transformations, rebirth from one’s own ashes (revives the myth of the phoenix bird). At the same time, this New Moon in Scorpio helps us in any circumstance that requires reconstruction, renewal, and reform, rewards patience, our ability to face the trials and tests of life, the refusal to admit defeat, the victory over the poisonous plans of some who will manipulate us, to control us.
“Power” is an important theme of this month in Scorpio, it is the best time to recognize everything that prevents us from reaching our true power. What part of ourselves do we deny, suppress? The more honest we can be with ourselves right now, the better our chances of making the leap forward. The biggest challenge this month brings in Scorpio is to learn to use our power correctly, to “kill” something in our behavior so that we are freer and more empowered. There follows a period of 28 days that can help us get rid of everything we no longer need: material, emotional, karma, anything else that keeps us stuck. As Scorpio is also the master of resentment, this moon induces on us energy conducive to its healing.

The process of death suggested by the sign of Scorpio is not necessarily related to physical death but to the death of the lower self and the resurrection of the higher self, the ability to forgive unconditionally, and to recognize the divine origin of all people.
With the New Moon in Scorpio in the house I, we are given a chance to completely redefine who we are, how we want to be seen, and what impact we want to produce on our environment. But for that, we have to let go of certain physical and emotional habits, the past, and all the stories that limit and force us, so our reality changes. It is time to “give birth to a new man in us,” to treat each imperfection with love, to accept the flaws that are part of us. They are our human burden that we will never be able to detach ourselves from. So it doesn’t make sense to blame us for every wrong step or every inappropriate behavior. This Moon in Scorpio in the first house asks us to rise above all human misery and to adopt the attitude “live and let others live.”
The New Moon in Scorpio is supported by a sextile aspect (60 degrees) by the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. A sextile always tries to move things for the better, offers opportunities, rings the phone, knocks on someone’s door. Opportunities often arise in the strangest of circumstances. Jupiter is the planet of understanding and rewards. Even in good looks, Pluto still functions as a cosmic demolition man. For something new to be built, the old structures must be destroyed. Anything that is not stable in our lives can collapse now. This is part of the regeneration process.

The true mission of the New Moon in Scorpio supported by the conjunction Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn is the transformation of our own life, of the external social world.
If we work for the good of the whole, we will succeed in our efforts, but if we are concerned only with promoting our own beliefs in order to gain power, we will encounter difficulties. It is time to open up to a new level of understanding of the world around us. This moment can help us see what is really important to us, what we are meant to offer the world. Scorpio is often called a sign of silence and this new moon requires us to be quieter about what we create or what we intend to do.

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