Pluto goes retrograde from Saturday 25 April 2020

The planet Pluto will enter retrograde motion in the sign of Capricorn on April 25, and from this date, for almost a month, we will have critical situations.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn brings from April 25 the problems that the zodiac signs hid under the carpet

It is said that Pluto generally brings changes to the table and so there will be many signs: unprepared. Some of them have made a serious plan ahead of time that they will apply now.

The planet Pluto, the last in distance from the Sun, has an overwhelming role in astrology. Pluto, even though it is a small planet, helps us see the dark side of things, makes us self-destructive in the sense of being reborn from our own ashes then.

It is the planet of great transformations, especially when it is in retrograde motion, so we will have to expect very hard changes, some even painful, on a personal level.


Karmic debts, lack of money and pride on the corner

Some people may lose their home, others may even family members, a love or money. It is the period in which the great karmic debts are paid.

The signs that benefit from this phenomenon are those of the earth and a sign of water and fire. Specifically, Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will go well over this period.

Taurus and Capricorn were already mentally preparing for what was to come, and they could hardly wait for the climax of the difficult situation the planet was going through. So it’s no surprise to them. But, even if they are prepared and will cope better than other signs, they may also encounter difficulties, especially on the communication side.

For example, Taurus may fall into the midst of intergenerational conflict even in their own family, and bad-mouthed Capricorns can easily make enemies. For Capricorns and Tauruses, all these small problems, jealousies, discrepancies between relatives are not as important as the loss of money. The real drama for them would be to lose material things.

Virgos are a small exception to the series of earth natives, in the sense that they are quite confusing during this period. Even if they are rational signs, extremely vehement, practical and critical of everything, they are at the same time malleable. Or, this retrograde Pluto reveals this malleability.

We can call, by the way, the sign of Virgo as a fluid sign, that is, it always has doubts, it suspects anything. Perhaps Pluto will teach them not to question anything, for there is a chance that they will enter into all sorts of conspiracy theories from which they can no longer escape.

The advantageous fire sign is Sagittarius, who can finally sell the things he has been looking for customers for months: cars, land or houses. Some may move into their new home in May. The water advantage of this astrological phenomenon is Cancer, which shows resistance in this period as he would not have imagined.

Aries is the service fighter, so he has enough strength to resist, but in terms of work he still has to wait a bit. Those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic will not be hired until June. So a little patience.

The Scorpions will hit the ground running to get money, because it’s almost over and that makes them unwell, and the Lions have to walk more easily with the piano on the stairs. The lions must give up the brave, to consider themselves the kings of the jungle, those who know them all, because Pluto puts them in the place they really deserve. By August, it would be good for them to enter a shadow cone. From August, only those Lions who are now silent and doing will shine. But especially silent.

Libra and Pisces also run out of financial resources, and Aquarius again has problems in love.

Gemini face physical issues: they are not happy with how the pandemic has turned them, but they are lazy at the same time to start moving, for example.

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