Saturn goes direct – Yupieee

It is about time to get out of this retrograde misery. We have had so many retrograde motions this summer…
You might be feeling that you have done plenty of inner work and that is exactly what retrograde planets are about.

Saturn has been moving backwards since April and eventually turns direct on the 18th.
We all had to go back to school and learn about our karmic path and take responsibility of our past action.
If you did not face your inner fears, karma might come around again, once Saturn turns direct.

Aries – Saturn turns direct in your 10th house of public image and career.
You might have been feeling off, but your career can really take off now.
Did you face your inner demons during retrograde period?

Taurus – Saturn is turning direct in your 9th house, the house of belief system and foreign affairs. It is about time to take a look at the bigger picture and expand. In the last few months you might have been thinking about the next step and now it will be about making a huge step.

Gemini – Saturn is turning direct in your 8th house, the house of secrets. You might have been told lies or kept you from the truth, but this month you can get to know the truth.
The karmic lesson was to know who to trust ( who your friends are).

Cancer – The planet of karma and tests might have made you question your relationship.
Saturn has been trying to teach you grow in your personal relationships.

Leo – Saturn is turning direct in your 6th house and most probably you have been focusing on your daily routines, debts and health. You might have been tied down with focusing on details. If you ignored them, then Saturn returns to remind you of these little things do matter.

Virgo – Saturn is going direct in your 5th house, in the house of romance. You might have been waiting long enough to fall in love again and Saturn is here to remind you of the fact that true love exists. Capricorn is the sign of winners and you might have been making baby steps in this department, but by starting all over, true love comes around.

Libra – Family issues have been on the front in the recent month, but you might have been blindfolded of what the real issue is. By Saturn turning direct asks you to look back at the matter and ensure that karma has been cleared. It is not enough to only communicate with them, but also listening.

Scorpio – Saturn is turning direct in your 3rd house. You might get to know some truth about others, which you have been searching for a while. The last piece of the puzzle has always been in front of you, but you were blindfolded to see it.
Saturn is here to remind you of not being judgemental and listen to the other side of story too.

Saggitarius – You might have been battling with financials in the recent months and Saturn wanted to teach you how to be disciplined about your increased expenditures. Saturn will help you tackle some of your money issues.
Remember! You give as little to the universe to receive 100 times more. It is not time to be stingy.

Capricorn – Retrograde Saturn has been in your first house to remind you of turning in and find the real you. The focus needs to be on your appearance or on your health matters.
Have you been neglecting the call of your body? Saturn turning direct will remind you of the importance of your body.

Aquarius – It might have been one of the most emotional summers ever with having Saturn retrograde in your 12th house.
The planet of karma might have required you to face your inner demons. He is here to remind you that blocking them out is not solving the issue but makes it worse.

Pisces – You might have been feeling down as your friends were away or simply because you did not feel useful towards the sociaty.
With Saturn turning direct not only will give you plenty of opportunity to work towards a noble cause but also to connect new and old friends.

Saturn is a planet we should not take lightly.
He rewards us once we follow his rules and plays according to his rules

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