Serena Williams birthday

It is Serena Williams birthday:)
She is one of the most iconic tennis players in the world.
Look at that very strong 6th house interest. ( lifestyle, health, routines)
What does a sports player need in their chart?
1st house:
Strong Physical body: to carry out hard work.
She has got Taurus rising, which is very strong and able to carry plenty of weight.
3rd house – mental energy, being able to focus
5th house – sport, fun, and self-expression
6th house – victory over enemies, routines, protection against disease and injuries
10th house – achievement, social status

She gave birth in 2017. She was 35 years old which is 12th house year.It is all about being secluded. Its ruler is in the 4th house, which is about family life. She secluded ( 12th house) herself from sport ( Leo) to have a family ( 4th house).
Also, you can see that the ruler of 5th house ( children) in conjunction with the Moon ( family)And the Moon is in conjunction with the profected lord. She secludes herself because of pregnancy.
The chart beautifully shows the possibility of growth in the family.

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