Some thoughts about the huge stellium which takes place today

What is stellium?

A stellium is defined merely as a group of 3 or more planets in a single sign of the zodiac.

If a group of planets are clustered together in one particular sign, the energy is a lot louder than just with one single planet residing in a sign.

Stellium indicates a heightened level of focus on the sign and house that they fall in a birth chart. It tends to pull us towards that area of life and becomes dominant factors in a chart as a whole.

Stellium often causes health issues relating to the sign and houses that they fall under. 

This time around this stellium is pretty heavy as most of the participants are male and feisty energies. 

It is more about mood swings, intense feelings and destructiveness.

One of the main components of this planetary cluster is Saturn.

Saturn is looked at by many people like a big, bad boogeyman, however, Saturn is the only planet out of all the outer ones who are rational, respecting rules and collected.

How do the other collective planets deal with rules?

Uranus – he does not trouble himself with it too much and tries to overstep the boundaries.

Jupiter – he does not care, he expands the way he likes it

Pluto – he is also careless about limits

Neptune – she is blind as a bat, so how would she be able to see them….?

Now there is all these concentrated energies within 8 degrees from each other and Saturn is just waving at them from 29 degrees: I don’t care about your arguments, I am ready to move on. ( enters Aquarius shortly)

Now no wonder why there is chaos in the world as Saturn is pretty busy organising his ingression and no time for him to regulate the others.

On a positive note, Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn while Jupiter is associated with luck and opportunities. Pluto is all about focus.

It is all happening in Capricorn, the sign of accomplishment and commitments.

There are plenty of scientists and virologists working on remedies against coronavirus.

A stellium is a concentrated energy and I tend to believe it is not healthy.

It suggests that we need to drain the energy out of that house and sign where it happens and focus on the opposite sign, which is Cancer. ( solicitude, mothering, protection and being devoted and sympathetic towards each other)

Pallas Athena in Capricorn can see the underlying structure in any form. She is the wise warrior princess trying to save the world.

She is also associated with skeleton and healing such as osteopathy and deep tissue massage.

We need to be healing from inside and not expecting it from outer sources.

It suggests to me that plenty of people will be left on their own to battle off the coronavirus.

I also believe she wants to show us that there is something behind the scenes and we are only part of a business project with all these drama….

The destiny requires us to be a seeker of deeper truths and separate ourselves in some way of everyday, mundane concerns so that you may concentrate on understanding the deeper, underlying causes and meaning to lives.

I have been asking myself the question….Does actually Coronavirus exist? 

I know I am crazy….

Plenty of you has asked me what job they could be doing in the upcoming economic crisis. I think we are all facing a huge shift in the world and we should choose work which is suited to activities that call for harmonizing, adjusting, giving advice or counselling, helping people, serving and nurturing.

The negative connotation to this stellium is that we tend to be inconsiderate of others and lack the ability to truly cooperate, compromise and appreciate other people’s point of view. 

We need to develop a more sensitive awareness of others around us.

Now let us have a look at the asteroids involved:

Pholus is the guardian of a special wine that gets uncorked,

Creating a temporarily wildly situation.

Whenever Pholus gets in aspect, it will suggest that the lid will come off a certain situation. Pholus shows us in our chart where we tend to do stupid or foolish things, where we act without thinking clearly or realising the consequences. He also indicates the turning of fortune.

I won’t get into politics or speculations, but it suggests to me that whatever is going on at the moment in the world is “on us”, on the governments.

Someone has started this and it is nothing to do with nature’s rebellion….:(

We will gain more clarity by the end of the year when Pandora’s box will be finally closed again.

This is also supported by not having any planets in air sign currently for another one week.

We might feel the need to express ourselves non-verbally, through writing rather than spoken words.

We could even lack objectivity and become detached and aloof.

Scientists and virologists are rushing to find the cure of corona virus, but I am just wondering if they use enough of their intellectual power or they want to rush things to get an immediate result ( Mars in Capricorn)

As I have mentioned above Mars is currently exalted, which is a very positive energy, but does not tend to last long enough.

Pluto is in conjunction with a fixed star called Terebellum which gives fortune but with regret and disgrace.

Soon Mars will join this fixed star.

Unfortunately this could make the situation more drastic and military could also be more involved.

In my opinion, the teachings of Saturn and Jupiter for the current situation is about becoming one as a humankind and we can fight it off without relying so much on the government’s help.

At the same time we need to obey the rules and take this more serious.

( Saturn – rules, Aquarius – alliance)

We need to join hands and fight together.

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