Sun Enters Aries – 20 March 2021

The Sun enters the sign of Aries, a sign of cardinal fire, the cosmic spring and the new astrological year begins. This beginning is marked by a moment of balance in which the day becomes equal to the night, everything comes back to life enjoying the intense, deep energies of spring. The sun in Aries is in its sign of exaltation gaining in power, radiance, it is an energy that knows how to dominate the darkness giving power to the light, thus, the day slowly begins to grow to dominate the nights. The spring equinox is a beneficial time for new beginnings both spiritual and physical, the Aries Sun gives life to still life, it is an energy that feeds our vitality, need for action, emotional outbursts, haste, and the need for affirmation. In emotional relationships, this energy, out of a desire to solve problems, can lead to sudden and aggressive reactions, a difficult control of impatience, and an appropriate reaction to offenses. Aries is the first cardinal sign of spring, it is associated with new beginnings, thoughts of renewal, new hopes for a better future, a new life sprouts in the earth. Astrologically, the cosmos encourages new projects, travels, adventures, new life, solving past problems, setting new goals.

The ascendant of the moment of the Sun’s entry into Aries is in Cancer, a cardinal sign of water that will surely orient us towards traditions, family, compassion, “stay at home”, we are looking for a “stone” on which to stay safe. If the Ascendant is the “lens” through which we see the outside world, this astronomical year provides us with a “lens” through which we can see the world with its emotions, feelings, sensibilities, drama. Cancer is a water sign and is always emotional. Being the sign of the home, the hearth, the nation, the crowd, the heritage, and the family, the ascendant in cancer feels particularly vital, making it one of those true “signal moments” about life that evolves and changes whether we want to or not. . Cancer is a feminine, sensitive, vulnerable sign, strongly influenced by his emotions. Emotion control is a requirement of this astronomical year, this is the only way we can take advantage of this energy, otherwise, we become victims of our own emotions and unhappiness is part of this astral tone. The insecurity of Cancer is only a mirror of selfish, frightening, materialistic efforts.

The governor of the ascendant is the Moon in Gemini in House XII which indicates a strong connection with our past, with family, parents, sins, and deviation from God’s law. In house XII, the Moon seems to be hidden behind a cloud and for this reason, deceptive contexts can lead to a difficult social life, to secrets, mysteries, hidden thoughts not having the courage to share with others what our soul sees, hears. a kind of fear “in our minds that can be like a barrier in developing relationships with others, family ties can become more difficult. Often, our own emotions and feelings can be enigmatic and for us is quite difficult to express.

With the Moon in Gemini, the North Node in Gemini, Mars in Gemini in the 12th house, the blockages are about secrets, mysteries, idealism, wrong choices, plans made behind closed doors, sins that keep us connected to the past. We are closed, blocked, something envelops reality and forces us to stop, to stand still in a tunnel where we do not see any light. Self-sabotage, strange diseases, strange treatments, shadowy enemies, are manifestations of confusing, inferior conceptions of our true potential and past mistakes. These planets in the twelfth house summarize a Karma (payment for the sins of the past) of our nation, a karma with our self, we have been and are our worst enemies. It is a very emotional Karma, indicating self-destruction and hidden events. Hidden events are not easily visible and can affect life in the long run, because a decision or commitment was not made when it should have been. Current experiences support us in emotional purification (the Moon), in the transformation of our desires (Mars) – everything we appreciate and enjoy, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial aspects.

Finally, this conjunction Mars, North Node, Moon in Gemini in the house of Neptune brings an ocean of emotional illusions but at the same time can be a good teacher who initiates us into the mysteries of the soul, of boundless and unconditional love, of forgiveness. We must focus on truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, service to others, spiritual development, the search for the soul. This period can also bring a profound experience that reminds us of God. The great lesson of this conjunction is the forgiveness of those around us but also our forgiveness (forgive me, I choose to love myself even when I am wrong, I love myself as I am, I love those around me as I am, I accept their decisions, I forgive them unconditionally, let us repeat as often as we can these words, heal our soul, heal and break the karmic relational chains).

In the map of the moment of the spring equinox, the Sun in Aries activates the house of X – a house that defines among others our career and profession, professional ambitions, our true vocation, authoritarian figures, parents, advancement and spiritual responsibility, our material or spiritual goals, the public status within the community, our achievements, the claim of our own authority, the ability to stand up and fight for the truth, to face those who try to turn us into puppets, to be heroes. There is a period in which the Sun acts to bring to light and illuminate the affairs of this house X.

Thank you,

Astro Viktor

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