Venus Neptune Conjunction

A romantic aspect that helps with heart-to-heart conversations, is being kind to each other, though singles may not feel too cheerful as loneliness can catch up with them.

Great day to overcome relationship issues.
As a challenge, guilt, and denial can be brought up when it comes to love, maybe it is time to let go of someone to make space for somebody else. 

Choosing the wrong person, feeling let down, betrayed – maybe by someone who just couldn’t keep their promises.
Why doesn’t love relationships work in our life? Do we love ourselves enough?
Let divine love find you first, and be open to some much-needed guidance.
For those in a relationship – have some fun, and try some new exciting activities!
Singles – take care of yourself, and have a day of pampering!
It is important to stay real, don’t let delusions about someone who is less than ideal take over.
Be careful with online partner search, look out for romance scammers as Venus tends to be less cautious with finances.

This aspect supports deceptions, so always do a background check on the person you meet online.

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