Predictive Astrology Mastery Bundle: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time and Transformation

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realm of predictive astrology with our comprehensive Predictive Astrology Mastery Bundle.

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realm of predictive astrology with our comprehensive Predictive Astrology Mastery Bundle. This meticulously crafted collection of courses offers a deep exploration of powerful predictive techniques and tools, empowering you to unveil the cosmic forces shaping individual destinies and life’s transformative moments. Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer seeking to enhance your predictive skills or a passionate learner eager to unlock the secrets of time, this bundle provides a wealth of knowledge and insights to illuminate your astrological practice.

Course 1: Predicting with Triplicity Ruler:

Unlock the ancient wisdom of the Triplicity Ruler system and master the art of predicting life events. Discover how to utilize the elemental rulers of the zodiac signs to forecast and interpret significant periods in a person’s life. Explore the nuanced interplay between the ruling planets and the elemental triplicities, enabling you to predict and navigate life’s changing tides with precision and clarity. £25

Course 2: Zodiacal Releasing (Part 1):

Unveiling Life Chapters Delve into the profound technique of Zodiacal Releasing and unravel the chapters of a person’s life journey. Explore the intricate progression of the Ascendant through the zodiac signs, revealing distinct life themes, opportunities, and challenges. Learn how to interpret and time the significant turning points in an individual’s life using this powerful and unique predictive tool. £89

Course 3: Pluto Transit to Sun/Moon/IC/MC:

Catalysts of Transformation Journey into the depths of Pluto’s transformative power as it transits the Sun, Moon, IC, and MC in the natal chart. Explore the profound impact of these transits on personal evolution, shedding light on inner transformation, power dynamics, and the pursuit of authenticity. Gain invaluable insights into interpreting and harnessing the energy of Pluto’s transits to navigate profound life changes and embrace personal empowerment. £19

Course 4: How to Use Time Map:

Navigating Destiny’s Path Unlock the secrets of time with the Time Map technique, a powerful tool for predictive astrology. Learn how to identify significant time periods and pivotal moments in an individual’s life by examining planetary transits, progressions, and other key factors. Discover effective techniques for mapping out and interpreting the timing of major life events, empowering you to navigate destiny’s path with clarity and foresight. £19

Course 5: Combining Progressed Moon with Transits:

Lunar Keys to Timing Explore the dynamic interplay between the progressed Moon and transiting planets to unlock the keys to accurate timing in astrology. Gain insights into the profound influence of the progressed Moon’s cycles and phases on individual experiences and emotional landscape. Learn how to combine the progressed Moon with transits to pinpoint significant turning points and emotional milestones in a person’s life. £19

Course 6: Saturn and Jupiter Transit to AC:

Navigating Life’s Crossroads Discover the transformative power of Saturn and Jupiter transits to the Ascendant (AC). Explore the profound lessons and opportunities presented by these pivotal transits, shedding light on personal growth, career changes, and the pursuit of life purpose. Learn how to interpret and harness the energy of Saturn and Jupiter transits to the Ascendant to navigate life’s crossroads and embrace new beginnings. £19

Course 7: Outer Planet Transit to Rising Sign:

Cosmic Awakening Unveil the cosmic awakening embedded within outer planet transits to the Rising Sign. Explore the profound impact of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transits on individual identity, life direction, and spiritual evolution. Gain insights into interpreting the transformative energies of the outer planet transits to the Rising Sign, empowering you to embrace personal growth, awaken intuition, and navigate life’s evolutionary path. £19

Course 8: Firdaria:

Mapping the Planetary Periods of Life Unlock the ancient predictive technique of Firdaria and gain a comprehensive understanding of the planetary periods that shape a person’s life. Explore the dynamic interplay between the major and minor periods of the planets, revealing key themes, opportunities, and challenges at various stages of life. Learn how to interpret and predict the influence of the Firdaria periods, guiding individuals through significant transitions and transformations. £19

Course 9: How to Read Solar Return Chart:

Illuminating the Year Ahead Illuminate the year ahead with the powerful insights provided by the Solar Return chart. Dive into the intricacies of interpreting the Solar Return chart and gain valuable predictive information about the upcoming year. Learn how to identify key planetary placements, aspects, and house positions, enabling you to forecast major life themes, opportunities, and potential challenges for the year ahead. £109

Course 10: Profection:

Unveiling Life’s Annual Themes Uncover the annual themes and life lessons embedded within the ancient technique of Profection. Explore how to calculate the profected Ascendant and navigate the house activations for each year of life. Gain insights into interpreting the profected house placements and the planetary influences they bring, providing valuable guidance for personal growth, career, relationships, and more. £47

Course 11: Magic of Eclipses:

Transformative Gateways Embark on a transformative journey through the celestial spectacle of eclipses. Discover the profound impact of solar and lunar eclipses in predictive astrology, uncovering their transformative potential and illuminating significant life events. Learn how to interpret eclipse cycles, identify their influence in natal charts and predictive techniques, and harness their energy as catalysts for personal growth and evolution. £19

Course 12: Transit in Action:

Timing the Cosmic Symphony Master the art of timing in astrology through the practical application of transits. Explore effective techniques for interpreting and synthesizing transiting planets, aspects, and house placements. Learn how to identify and predict significant life events and key themes by integrating the dynamic interplay of transits in natal charts, progressions, and other predictive techniques. £49

Course 13: Solar Arc:

Precision in Time Unlock the precision of Solar Arc directions, a powerful predictive technique that provides accurate timing in astrology. Dive into the intricacies of calculating and interpreting Solar Arc directions, unveiling the unfolding of major life events and shifts. Learn how to integrate Solar Arc directions with other predictive methods, enabling you to navigate the ebb and flow of time with unparalleled accuracy and insight. £49


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