All About the Planets Bundle: A Celestial Exploration

Embark on a celestial journey through the realms of the planets with our comprehensive All About the Planets Bundle.

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Embark on a celestial journey through the realms of the planets with our comprehensive All About the Planets Bundle. This specially curated collection of courses provides a deep dive into the fascinating world of planetary influences, unveiling their unique energies, symbolism, and profound impact on individual lives. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced astrologer looking to expand your knowledge, this bundle offers a wealth of insights and techniques to enhance your understanding of the planets and their cosmic dance.

Course 1: Neptune as the Higher Octave of Venus

Explore the mystical realm of Neptune and its role as the higher octave of Venus. Delve into the ethereal energy of Neptune and its profound influence on love, beauty, and transcendence. Discover how Neptune’s energies can elevate and expand our experience of pleasure, spirituality, and connection. Learn to interpret the interplay between Neptune and Venus in birth charts, unlocking a deeper understanding of personal relationships and the expression of divine love.

Course 2: Jupiter Return

Expanding Horizons Unveil the transformative power of the Jupiter Return, a significant astrological milestone occurring approximately every 12 years. Explore the expansive and fortunate energy of Jupiter and its influence on personal growth, abundance, and opportunities. Discover how to interpret and harness the energy of the Jupiter Return to embrace new horizons, amplify success, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and expansion.

Course 3: The Speed of Planets

Dynamic Motion Dive into the dynamic motion of the planets and gain a deeper understanding of their varying speeds and orbits. Explore how the speed of planets influences their impact on personal and collective astrology. Learn how to interpret the significance of fast-moving planets, such as Mercury, and slower-moving planets, such as Saturn and Pluto, in birth charts and predictive techniques, unlocking a nuanced understanding of timing and energetic emphasis.

Course 4: Moon as Your Responsive Nature

Discover the profound influence of the Moon and its role as the luminary of emotions and intuition. Explore the Moon’s connection to our responsive nature, subconscious patterns, and nurturing qualities. Gain insights into how the Moon’s placement in the birth chart influences our emotional landscape, relationships, and overall well-being. Learn to interpret the Moon’s aspects and phases, empowering you to navigate the ebb and flow of emotions with grace and insight.

Course 5: Chiron 

Chiron – Our Wounds are our greatest gifts – PART 1

Chiron aspects to the 7 traditional planets

Chiron in house 

Uncover the wisdom and healing potential of Chiron, the celestial archetype of the wounded healer. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of Chiron’s influence through three in-depth webinars. Explore Chiron’s mythological origins, its role in the birth chart, and its transformative journey of self-healing and wholeness. Gain insights into interpreting Chiron’s placements, aspects, and transits, unlocking the keys to personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual evolution.

Course 6: Neptune as the False Beliefs

Delve into the complex realm of Neptune and its role in uncovering false beliefs and illusions. Explore how Neptune’s energy can create deception, escapism, and spiritual confusion. Learn how to identify and interpret Neptune’s influence in birth charts and transits, gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with navigating the illusions of life. Discover techniques to help individuals transcend false beliefs and embrace their true spiritual path.

Course 7: How to Use Essential Dignities

Unlock the ancient system of essential dignities and gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the planets in astrology. Explore the concept of essential dignities, including rulership, exaltation, detriment, and fall, and how they shape the expression of planetary energies in birth charts.

Learn how to interpret and utilize essential dignities to enhance accuracy in chart interpretation, providing a nuanced understanding of individual potentials and challenges.

Course 8: Mercury Retrograde – Star of David

Explore the phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde, a period known for communication glitches, introspection, and revisiting the past. Discover the deeper meanings and opportunities embedded within Mercury Retrograde cycles and the Star of David configuration. Learn how to interpret and navigate the energies of Mercury Retrograde, harnessing its potential for introspection, reevaluation, and creative breakthroughs.

Course 9: Juno in the Birth Chart

The Sacred Union unveils the profound influence of Juno, the asteroid representing sacred union and partnerships, in the birth chart. Explore how Juno’s placement reveals relationship patterns, marriage potential, and soul connections. Learn to interpret Juno’s aspects and house placements, gain insights into the dynamics of romantic and business partnerships, and uncover the keys to harmonious and fulfilling unions.

Course 10: All About Pluto:

The Power of Transformation Dive into the depths of Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration, and empowerment. Explore Pluto’s role in the birth chart and its profound influence on personal evolution, power dynamics, and the shedding of old identities. Gain insights into interpreting Pluto’s aspects, transits, and house placements, empowering you to navigate the transformative energies of Pluto and embrace personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual rebirth.

Embark on a celestial odyssey through the mysteries of the planets with the All About the Planets Bundle. Enroll today and unlock the keys to understanding the cosmic forces that shape our lives, expand your astrological knowledge, and deepen your practice as an astrologer. Discover the transformative power of the planets and illuminate your path with celestial wisdom.


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