Full Moon in Aries – October 2020

The Full Moon is a current language of the law of Karma, we reap what we have sown, we are forced to act, to change the conditions that do not satisfy us, both inside and outside. Now, the fruits of the seeds planted can be harvested around March 24, when the New Moon was in Aries.

Each Full Moon asks us to balance two different but complementary energies. With the Full Moon in Aries, we actually meet the Aries-Libra polarity, an astral duo that refers to achieving the delicate balance between our self (Aries) and others (Libra). Aries-Libra polarity is about relationships, my relationship with myself-Aries, and my relationship with others-Libra.

Aries is the fiery and impulsive star (Mars is his boss!) While Libra seeks to balance things, to be part of a group, and hates to make decisions (this is where our beautiful Venus leads). Aries starts a fight (fire sign) while Libra tries to slip through conflicts, does not want to participate in them (air sign).
If Aries is about self-affirmation, through Libra we become aware of the need for relationships and everything that comes with maintaining them – compromise, negotiation, grace, and balance.

Aries is concerned with himself, acts under the impulse of the moment is the unscrupulous individualist, insistent, direct, and sincere. He takes the shortest possible way to achieve his goals. He doesn’t care if his actions create conflicts. Libra offers conditions of adaptation, compromise, peace, looks at everything from both sides, is concerned with others, incorporates both perspectives “mine” and theirs “.

The problems gathered over time in relationships will be at the forefront of the messages of this full month.
This full moon urges us to find a balance between meeting our personal needs and meeting the needs of the other, between independence and dependence, between autonomy and too much need for company.
The Full Moon in Aries banishes passivity, helps us to express our independent, individualistic and free nature, which could lead to a change of status, to problems in relationships, at work, in the family.

This Full Moon in Aries (I am) will bring to light the results of our mode of action in relationships (Libra), the past is illuminated with the role of reflecting on our impulsive choices, to set aside everything that is not in line with development Our.
We are all wrong but the Universe has its methods to correct our mistakes and a Full Moon is a heavenly lamp that helps us see better where we went wrong, where we did things out of anger, inattention, out of the desire to feed only our ego forgetting those around him.

The great lesson brought by this moon is about cooperation, a new way of being, which inevitably gives birth to a new way of doing things, of relating, of accepting others as they are. The great requirement of this month is to find a balance between autonomy-ram and dependence on others-balance, between personal needs and the needs of others. Personal problems, trust, courage, independence, can lead to problems with others. These personal problems can lead to major changes related to the most intimate relationships, the outbreak of a confrontation or the rupture of an existing relationship, enemies that can manifest openly.

I love and accept myself as I am (Aries), I love and accept those around me as I am, I accept their decisions (Libra), it balances our life. We can get rid of an old way of being, old behaviors, old beliefs and attitudes, relationships that stand in the way of our growth.

On another level, this Full Moon in Aries rewards those who have understood that the relationship with the divine self is the first and most important relationship. There is no way to experience happiness, peace and pure love without being at peace with the divine self. The more we live aligned with the universal energies, the happier and more peaceful we feel. The more we incorporate universal truths into our daily decisions, the more satisfying experiences and beneficial relationships we draw into our lives. Our goal in the relationship is to have both freedom and closeness / intimacy. When we maintain our own identity, we do not threaten the freedom of another. When we feel free inside ourselves, we automatically give space to others.

The Full Moon in Aries, is the opposition between the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries, activates houses IV-X, houses related to career and family, professional life and work at home, parents and bosses, at home and in the world, privately and publicly. As the two luminaries are in opposition, they stress each other, the weakened moon in house X can amplify the problems professionally, the bosses may feel the need to be “bosses more than usual” thus cutting the ambitions of others, the career through women becomes subject to scandal. The weak sun in the family home can generate disorder in the home, probable changes in family life, quarrels with parents, tense atmosphere in the family or with a parent, words can build or destroy empires, so be very careful.

But everything that at first seems difficult, oppressive, unjust, difficult to accept, forces important decisions, so the Full Moon is not necessarily bad but only shows that things can be done differently.

A Full Moon in house X, an angular house, acquires even more power being associated with the Saturnian requirements, so with career, fame, honors, reputation, awards, limits, rules, discipline, authority, one of the parents, spiritual masters, teachers ours, the spiritual purpose of our life. There is a strong emotional desire for recognition and achievement. At the same time, we can be very sensitive in everything related to career, power. Because the Moon is the “assistant” or “caretaker” of the planets, there is a great possibility that the mother, a woman, will be involved in all the problems illuminated by this celestial lamp. The Full Moon in Aries becomes an extremely important energy and reminds us that the goal of each of us is not only material fulfillment but also spiritual development. We are guided to what we should do next in our career so that our soul is satisfied.

Retrograde Mars in Aries (a test of patience, repairing messy and selfish actions from the past), the leader of this Full Moon in Aries, can further complicate matters by the square appearance of Saturn in Capricorn. Even if we want to make things happen, something is stopping us from going at full speed. This energy aspect is not a winning one at all, so the best approach is to pay more attention and focus on what we already have. Taking risks only aggravates any problem. This is not a good time for fighting, force action, new projects or to conquer new territory. It’s time to go at low speed, with your foot on the brake pedal. Things should not be forced. Impulsive activities do not work in our favor with this aspect but also with retrograde Mars.

Mars retrograde in Aries also goes hand in hand with Eris retrograde in Aries. In mythology, Eris is the Goddess of discord, the spirit of discord that produces quarrels, fights, jealousy. She is the sister of Ares (Mars), the God of War, accompanying him in his battles. For this reason, Eris was not loved by the other Gods and was almost always humiliated because she was not invited anywhere. As usual, she was not invited to the wedding of the great Goddess Thetis with the mortal prince Pelios. Despite this, she threw the “golden apple of discord” through the roof but previously wrote on it “for the most beautiful”.

The three goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, began to quarrel over the apple. To determine which of the goddesses is the most smoky, Paris in Troy was asked to establish this. Each goddess offered bribes to Paris, Hera gave her wealth and political power, Athena gave her wisdom and victories in battle, and Aphrodite promised her that the most beautiful woman on earth Helena, Menelaus’ wife, would become his wife. Paris chose Aphrodite and this led to the abduction of Helena by Paris and the beginning of the 10-year Trojan War (1194 -1184 BC). This month is the culmination of past elections, how we responded to the temptations of others, how we responded to so-called “false coronations” from society, the people around us, how we acted in the name of a promise to make us believe that we are the best.

What is working for us now?

It is time to look at life beyond normal means.
We must learn to connect, to trust, to surrender, and to rely on Divinity. We must train ourselves to live in the divine consciousness and enjoy it, despite our human trials. It is a process that requires devotion and dedication. We can neutralize negative projections with the mantra “I am the Grace of God,” and as we repeat it, we become more aligned with this truth about ourselves. Every negative thought must be neutralized with “I am the grace of God.” This statement, this mantra, helps us to remember our divine origin, our true identity (Aries). As we relate differently to ourselves, we begin to relate differently to others (Libra). This mantra works because it causes us to focus on ourselves and our true identity. As we deepen and purify the relationship with ourselves, we open up the same possibilities in the relationship with others. As we say this mantra, peace appears in us. This mantra combines the feminine and masculine energies within us.

The major influence of this Full Moon in Aries will be on the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, especially on those born around the 2nd but also on those who have planets around the 10th degree Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries.

Be blessed!

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