MERCURY finally in ARIES 2020

Exiting the planet of communication and thinking from the dreaded, confused and imaginative Pisces where he stayed long – since February 3 – and where he was also relegated, is excellent news, especially in the context of the current planetary situation that we have been crossing almost since Mercury entered Pisces.

There's nothing wrong with Mercury in Pisces but it's confusing.

Mercury has a pragmatic and mental energy, Pisces are in the clouds and in their world. The combination is challenging and I felt it on our skin: lots of information coming together, lots of confused thinking.
Mercury in the expansive Aries between April 11 and 27, 2020 means that it is time to say exactly what we think because the Aries does not bother with details, and the pace of the coming weeks will be alert to this chapter!

This energy between the two is about the wide opening of the lines of communication, having the confidence to talk to anyone.

A danger of transit is also to talk without thinking even without realizing that we have offended someone because Mercury is fast and the Aries aggressive. Fortunately, however, even with these warnings, this transit brings its brilliant sparkle that we need because it causes us to take next steps, to get out of the mental stagnation and the informational confusion in which we have been struggling for over 2 months.


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system but also the fastest, needing only 88 days to orbit the Sun.

But however small and fast it is, it is also incredibly powerful. In Roman mythology, Hermes, meaning Mercury, is the most clever god in Olympus. He was the permanent messenger, translator and interpreter. All the gods depended on him for all kinds of information.


In astrology, Mercury represents communication of any kind, our patterns of thinking, reason, adaptability, short-distance transport. Mercury is the coordinator of the Twins and the Virgin.


This dynamic partnership between Mercury and Aries signals a time when we all feel a greater need to think and talk NEW, DIFFERENT and COURIER.

Why ? Because we want something new, we are tired of running the same old thoughts and words. Aries mean by excellence the new, even impulsive.

It should not surprise us if from now on communication will become much stronger and more direct, because the brave Aries is known for its pure, direct and enthusiastic manner of expression.

Because Mercury is the planet of thought and Aries is the sign that DOES, words tend to come out of their mouths the moment they are thought. It is a time when we will express our passions more intensely than usual. Mercury in Aries opens us to new concepts and perspectives that did not even go before us.


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a true leader who courageously goes where no one has been before.

This cosmic combination is about pushing the boundaries and awakening the imagination to open ourselves to a new world of possibilities.

Aries does not wait for anyone, so now our mind will be more restless and anxious. We will not sit still, we will not rest on the same band, we will change everything and we will move forward.

Mercury in Aries is great because it opens our lines of communication and gives us the encouragement to say exactly what we think and feel.

Aries is the sign for the "I", so his own person is in first place.

However, the desire to say all we think about for personal benefit can be a problem in situations where there is more need for cooperation, compromise and sensitivity – characteristics that are not very much of the Aries.

To trust that we will overcome the delicate situations well, to use this energy we have once a year, Mercury in Aries for almost a month, to be more courageous and innovative, to receive waves of inspiration with which to we easily think of solutions to old problems that have been running in our minds for a long time.

Grab this 3 week inspiration for what you have to solve!

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