Mercury enters Cancer 28th May 2020

After a quick transit through his home sign, Gemini, where the negotiation and communication were on plates, now he enters the sign of Cancer, where he will spend 2 months.

So, on May 28, Mercury enters Cancer, on June 18 the retrograde period in Cancer begins, on July 12 it leaves the retrograde and on August 4 Mercury leaves this sign and enters Leo.

Mercury in Cancer directs our attention to the soul, to our insides, and supports reasoning based more on emotions. In this transit, communication becomes more sensitive, more romantic, we make declarations of love and we appreciate poetic words.

At the same time, it is possible to accentuate some inner fears, to activate some fears and emotions that we do not know how to control.

Mercury is a planet with mental energy, so it is NOT dominated by emotions, but when it is in Cancer everything changes.

Everything that means Mercury’s energy adapts to the sensitive, emotional, romantic, loving and domestic Cancer.

Mercury in Gemini made us talkative and curious, Mercury in Cancer makes us introverted and discreet. It is an excellent opportunity to have an interesting conversation with yourself.

If you are more extroverted than you are, this transit is more challenging. But, if we always have our minds occupied with the outside, we forget how to communicate with the most important person in the world: with ourselves. Mercury in Cancer is that time of year when you can be much more attentive to yourself and to what your inner story says. You will be surprised how much you will learn about yourself.

What exactly does it mean when Mercury is in Cancer?

Mercury drives the flow of people and information, learning, communication, exchanges, writing, speaking, social media, transportation, travel, movement, ideas and thoughts.

Cancer is concerned with taking care of everything related to the home, family and loved ones, body and emotional needs and attachments of any kind. It also governs the land, homes, the past, mothers and children and the sense of belonging, safety and protection. Cancer is associated with tradition and history as well as creativity, intuition and imagination.

The thoughts and movements of these weeks become very concerned with home and family, safety and nutrition. It’s a perfect time to connect with your family or those you consider closest to those deep heart-to-heart connections.

Mercury in Cancer makes you walk on the boulevard of memories to reconnect with old friends and relatives or with your inner child to receive a deep closeness to the soul.

It is as if a magical door to the past opens and now you can step through it. Intuition, imagination and memory are very strong now. Use this time to learn and retain information or unleash your creativity through writing, poetry or images.

On the other hand, the mind is much more irrational, emotional and subjective in these weeks. Words become loaded with feelings and tend to be taken personally. So, if you get involved in emotionally charged discussions, you can end up drenched in tears. Trust your instincts and proceed carefully.

What to do GOOD FOR YOU with Mercury in Cancer:

Spend time with people closest to the soul and strengthen ties discuss from heart to heart whatever you feel, open up about what emotions you have and clean the air around you of emotional charge think about what you really care about dive into the past or explore your childhood memories and photographs.
Answer your personal story read biographies of people who inspire you to explore your family tree make a personal mark in your communications practice your memory: learn and retain new information studies topics about history and tradition adapts abstract ideas in human term it touches people’s hearts with the words spoken channel your imagination creatively through writing, poetry or images be there for someone, support and get involved to care
fine-tune property papers let your instincts guide you practice your emotional intelligence spend time by the sea (water = Cancer)

What to look out for and be PRUDENT with Mercury in Cancer

· Defensive, aggressive behavior or manipulative behavior
· Fearful or overly defensive thoughts
· Nostalgia and glorification of the past
· Not to become too melancholic, whiny and sentimental
· Increasing subjectivity
· Moody and irrational reactions
· Take things too personally or, if others do so, be careful
· To betray your feelings in your own words

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