MAY 20, 2020,



Ring the bells of heaven for a new cosmic wedding, whether we like it or not, we must all participate in this important astral moment.

Now the Light – the Sun on the degree of 2:05 Gemini unites with the Dark – the Moon on the degree of 2:05 Gemini and begin to distribute gifts for all those invited, especially for those born around the 22nd, from any zodiac sign.

A New Moon is always associated with a new step, a new idea, a new word, new ambitions and goals, a new coat of an older project, and in the air sign of Gemini, novelty spreads through word, thought, movement , relatives, close environment, studies, communication, tricks, cunning, practical intelligence.

The Gemini sign governs our thoughts and perceptions; they can imprison us or set us free. An old saying goes that “The spiritual man uses the word only for three purposes: to heal, to bless, or to prosper.” What a man says about others, so he will say about himself, and what he wants to others, he wants to himself. If a man wants someone’s bad luck, he is sure to attract him to himself. If he wants to help someone succeed, he wants his own success and helps himself.

The problem of this sign is related to dualism, double personality and which is symbolized in mythology by the mysterious brothers Castor and Pollux. When he was dying, Castor called his brother, Pollux, who asked Zeus (his father) to share his immortality with his brother. Zeus accepts and so we have the constellation of Gemini in the sky. But every myth is a cosmic model for our life here on earth. It tells us that man has an ephemeral part (body) and an immortal part (soul) that must coexist in good understanding here on earth. Pollux – the soul cannot live earthly experiences without Castor – the physical body.

Beaver (body) is the one who dies and Pollux (soul) is immortal. The sign of Gemini represents the soul and the body, the mortal and immortal aspects that must be unified and the New Moon in Gemini brings opportunities to rediscover Pollux (the soul) who knows how to illuminate our true path. Pollux – the soul cannot live earthly experiences without Beaver – the physical body, when the soul is properly nourished we become little Gods here on earth and the physical body becomes a “priceless garment”.

The New Moon in Gemini makes us quite flexible, sociable, eager to move and emphasizes the mind, information of all kinds, knowledge, better management of daily life, remedies, negotiations, relatives, special news . There are always two sides to the Gemini sign and the real challenge here is to find the balance between the dark side and the light side of us. The door to a new world, to new opportunities, is open through communication. Many of the existential crises come as a result of this scattering, of inattention, of confidence in the personality forgetting the soul.

The New Moon energizes house VI and makes a close conjunction with house VII in Gemini. If the New Moon in Gemini in house VI, a natural house of the Virgin, will put a special emphasis on daily activities, work, responsibility, sacrifices, habits, routines, punctuality, organization, work projects, bosses, colleagues, health, caring for others, excessive criticism, pets. In house VI, work, work, ennoble the soul, but until we get here, we have to deal with the crises that occur.

The New Moon in Gemini in house VI can be a critical point in our lives urging us to ask ourselves “what to do next? “So that our soul may do its divine duty and no longer suffer. The New Moon in Gemini in fusion with house VII puts a special emphasis on romantic relationships, marriages, business relationships and even our enemies, judges, lawyers. As the sign of Gemini governs the way information is disseminated, this moon tells us that by word empires can be built or wars can break out, the word is the weapon with which we build or break a relationship. “

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Traditionally, the sign of Gemini is led by Mercury, the messenger of the gods, who flies up and down connecting the upper and lower minds – the soul and the personality. Mercury helps us understand life and understand our daily experiences. However, he does not lead us to the depths of things, preferring to deal with the surface issues necessary for life before moving on to the next thing. Mercury is a flexible planet, it recognizes the connections and possibilities but without telling us anything about the mistakes of these possibilities. In myth, Mercury is the messenger of the gods. It was not his duty to judge the messages and information he transmitted, he just had to communicate them.

Now, Mercury is in Gemini goes hand in hand with retrograde Venus in Gemini and tells us that the novelty of the moment (new moon) is actually related to the correction of past errors (retrograde Venus). So, the message of this important astral moment is to “re-evaluate, fix here, solve now, re-edit, reformulate, rediscover, reread,” – and all these repairs are related to relationships, business, signed contracts, law and law enforcement, civil rights, communication, documents, education, exams, finance, communication in relationships, communication with others, relatives, neighbors, young people, friends, groups and group projects, humanitarianism. This New Moon in Gemini is actually a heavenly gift that gives us the chance to reflect, review and correct the mistakes we made earlier in a hurry and caught up in the whirlpool of everyday life. It is a time of truth, even when communications seem disrupted and misunderstandings are harsh.

Also New Moon on grade 2:05 Gemini is supported by a beneficial trine of Saturn retrograde on grade 2 Aquarius who tells us in a friendly way that in the past (Saturn retrograde) we have exceeded the limits of everything that means individuality, uniqueness, eccentricity , inventiveness, unusual, science, humanitarian ideals and group consciousness. Does retrograde Saturn ask us to reanalyze the humanitarian word that derives from the essence of what it means? to be human. It is the promise to be the best and to act full of goodwill, innocuousness, compassion and love for all beings.

So the sign of Gemini, the host of this new moon is all about our mind, about the magic of the word, about good and evil built by thought and word in the past.


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