Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio / Libra

On October 14, 2020, Mercury begins its apparently retrograde movement from the 11:40 degree Scorpio and ends this apparent return in time on November 4, at 25:54 Libra. The first and last day (October 14 and November 4) of retrograde Mercury are usually challenging days, the route changes, the pace. A change of cosmic rhythm often brings with it confusion, so increased attention these days.

The influence of Mercury retrograde began on September 23 when it first passed over the final degree of retrograde motion, the degree of 25:54 Libra. The period September 23-October 14 is considered a period of SHADOW, a period in which Mercury’s energy can highlight certain problems that need to be re-evaluated and solved when it enters the seemingly retrograde movement (some people may encounter much more problems). large during this period).

Astrologically, Mercury governs communication, communication equipment, computing, trade, cash flow, financial instruments (cards, ATMs), primary education, local transport (cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.), brothers, sisters, relatives , aunts, uncles and cousins, central and peripheral nervous system, travel, tricks. All this is in the record of the astral fast of Mercury, which currently has a great power in our lives, it greatly influences our daily life. We swim in an ocean of things led by Mercury, we are in the hands of this God and therefore, the downgrade period can upset communication, communication tools.

Mercury Retrograde is part of the flow of life. The universe tells us that there is a time to initiate new things, to move on, and a time to reflect on the old. Retrograde Mercury is actually a heavenly gift that gives us the opportunity to reflect, to review and correct mistakes made in the past out of haste, carelessness, through all sorts of influences. It is a chance to reflect and give another solution but correct and in accordance with the divine plan and not with our requirements. Whenever Mercury is retrograde, opportunities are not lacking but they are related to repairing past mistakes. If physically we cannot go to the past, energetically, a retrograde planet has the ability to rummage through the past and tell us “Fix it here!”.

Retrograde Mercury begins in the sign of Scorpio (grade 11:40) and turns us into detectives who return once again to investigate a seemingly solved problem. Things are not always what they are on the surface and retrograde Mercury in Scorpio helps us go beyond appearances, there we can find the answers we need. Secrets, dirty business become visible during this period. All areas of communication are affected, especially those related to hidden things, secrets, intimate meetings, business, loans, banks, investigations, occultism. Common resources, business, money from signed agreements, inheritances, will be passed through Mercury’s microscope. Conversations about spending or investing should be approached with a sense of maturity. Stay away from manipulations. There can be a lot of misinformation during this period and therefore, we need to be more careful and vigilant. As Scorpio is a sign full of mysteries, soul secrets, constraints, obsessions, taboos, hidden emotions, now, retrograde Mercury can bring to light the truth. The whole Scorpio is about power, control, manipulation, consequently, important transformations can occur in this sphere of power. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio helps us to investigate, to investigate, to reach the truth. While ordinary means of communication can experience all sorts of blockages, intuitive communication, soul-to-soul communication can actually be extremely healing. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, a water sign, the Universe asks us to learn something new about the way our intuition speaks to us and how intuition manifests in our lives.

From October 27, Mercury re-enters the sign of Libra and becomes the “teacher” who corrects a relationship, a law, a marriage, a wrong choice, a wrong union. October 27th can be harder because Mercury goes from the beginning of a fixed sign (Scorpio) to the end of a mutable sign (Libra) and its energy is amplified, so pay close attention. As Libra governs commitments, Mercury retrograde in this sign will analyze, jam or bless any commitment of the soul. Communication in two can be quite difficult, a word can break a relationship, a word can give life to an old relationship, but you must know that the meeting will not be permanent, do not buy any ring. Retrograde Mercury is famous for rebuilding an old relationship but it is a magic in tune with “she only danced an autumn”. Libra also talks about justice, equality, justice, compromises, diplomacy and retrograde Mercury will bring to our attention all these things. As Mercury is retrograde, the words can be true white or black magic, so try to be the magicians of peace and not of war. Any healthy connection can become healthier, any toxic connection seems to become more toxic, heavy, incurable. It is the moment of truth in relationships of any kind but beware, it is a divine truth and not our truth. The role of this period of Mercury’s demotion is one that allows us to resolve conflicts, unbalanced relationships, everything goes to harmony, without it, relational life is difficult.

Until October 25, at 20:06, we are still moving through too much darkness, through too many question marks, but after the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury retrograde on the degree of 2:48 Scorpio, as if the light is on, the information begins to bind, the truth it begins to take shape. When Mercury retrogrades behind the Sun we can say that it is easier to find “something lost” because the road is lit.

The asteroid 38083 Rhadamantus also participates in this retrograde Sun-Mercury meeting in Scorpio. In Greek mythology, Rhadamanthus was the son of Zeus and Europe and the brother of Minos. In his capacity as leader and judge of the underworld, he is renowned for his justice, for his scrupulous honesty severely punishing criminals. In astrology, the energy of Rhadamanthus shows the ability to evaluate correctly and as a process, a life situation, a test. The main theme of this energy is to bring the truth to light for a past situation. The past is a harsh judge of Mercury’s retrograde period, we are called before the divine court and Rhadamanthus is not influenced by emotions or any kind of apology, he punishes everything that is illegal, unacceptable. Elections, past deeds come to the fore for review, and everything that has a trace of incorrectness, a trace of soul dirt, will be brought to light. Rhadamanthus has no limits, he knows so well how to find abuses, illegalities, and make a bill for them. This energy cannot be fooled or calmed, has a very long memory, and sees in both worlds.

Because retrograde Mercury begins at 11:40 Scorpio, October 14-27 may be harder for Scorpios, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius born in the first decade of these signs or for those who have planets in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde in Libra stops on the 26th degree, consequently, those born in the last five days of this sign but also Aries, Cancers, Capricorns, will be in Mercury’s attention. For others, the influence of retrograde Mercury has a personal impact on the realm of life where you have the signs of Libra and Scorpio. Gemini and Virgo are the centers of attention because we are talking about the demotion of their astral boss.

If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, you can take full advantage of this movement because you know its tone, it is part of you.

At a deeper level, Mercury retrograde asks us to slow down (only it slows down again!), To get out of the state of “daily robots”, to pay attention to what we do, how we do, what we sign, what we transmit to around.

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