Pluto Mars square from 9th of October 2020

Pluto and Mars have formed a square the second time this year and it is exact today.

It can hold rather difficult experiences.

The key in this case is the awareness but let us see what we can expect.

Mars is a dynamic force expressing our personal will. It symbolizes the power to get what we want. It reflects our ability to take initiatives and fight, our sexual hunger, but also our courage.

If Mars is moving in the sign of Aries, all those topics will be intensified even more.

It is true that we become highly active and reactive, but at the same time our impatience, our hot-headedness can lead us to reckless, hasty decisions.

Unlike Mars, our content represented by Pluto is formatting in our consciousness. Pluto is the planet of depth and transformation that creates by destroying. It creates constant changes in our lives if we want to or not.

When Pluto meets the confrontational Mars, you can feel a huge inner force straining inside you, which can easily explode in the destructive form!

You can feel a strong feeling of will, which in this case is difficult to control. Your tolerance threshold can become almost nothing, you can be extremely impatient and tense these days.

Your need for control and distrust can increase significantly due to your growing uncertainty,

Pluto can cause Martian energies to manifest in a raw, intense form, which can escalate from anger to abuse!

You will hear about demonstrations, violence, possible riots, assassinations, and tragic accidents in the next couple of months.

The number of people who try to rule and control others in a ruthless way can increase.

This is not to say that everyone is going on rampage during the tense Pluto-Mars square.

I would like to point out that this is the time when you can face a lot of conflicts and even a war.

Make sure these days you do not act provocatively. Make yourself aware that now a conflicting situation is not going to get you to the solution. In fact, misunderstandings can turn into huge anger and festering relationships.

It is a particularly good time to hit the gym and to go on a rampage on a treadmill.

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