New Moon in Aries 2021

New Moon in Aries – APRIL 12, 2021

In the New Moon phase, the Sun and the Moon share the same zodiacal degree, it is the cosmic marriage of these two luminaries as they appear called in ancient astrology, it is the first pair that associates the masculine with the feminine in a unit.

Now, the astral marriage takes place at 22:24 Aries (the bride and groom hurry), the light (the Sun) unites with the darkness (the Moon) and they begin to share gifts for all those invited, especially for those born around the 12th day, from any zodiac sign.

At the cosmic table and very close to the bride and groom sits Venus on the 26th Aries who talks about relationships, love, values. Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini are guests of honor of this moment and they send us optimism, the power to overcome the challenges of life.

If we still presented invitations, let the cosmic wedding begin and share gifts for us earthlings, the direct beneficiaries of this important astral moment.

With the sign of Aries in 2021 begins a new life cycle. Aries, like the spirit of spring, is burning, full of initiative, and ready to lead and give birth to a new life. Aries is the leader or pioneer of the zodiac. It embodies the passion, charisma, and enthusiasm for new mental or physical adventures. A new moon always has its magic that it pours on us in order to initiate new activities that will bring us closer, slowly, to divinity, to our life lesson.

The New Moon in this sign is strong and beneficial to some fresh beginnings that will bring to light our identity, authenticity, our mastery. In the fire sign of Aries, a hurried fire, the new beginnings are favored by direct actions, inventiveness, personal confidence.

It is the best time to develop personal goals, to try something new, to pioneer, but without being aggressive. As nature rises we can revive on another level if we reevaluate our relationship with ourselves if we make important changes in our lives. It is the best time to express our authenticity, to rely on ourselves, to seek happiness in ourselves without blaming others for not bringing happiness into our lives. It is a good time to revitalize ourselves through experiences that involve something new.

If we walk on the inferior qualities of Aries, then this new month will keep us under stress, insecure, and related to pride, arrogance, cruelty, impatience, desire to control others, superficial judgments, narrow mind, and too many opinions.
However, this new month tells us that we can regain the security we want if we connect with the superior qualities of Aries that are latent within us: to act independently and not co-dependent, to be brave, to take healthy risks, to propagate the truth, to encourage others to be themselves.

It is time to simplify our lives, not to start a war from every little thing, not to want to win in any discussion, not to want to change others, not to step on others. It would also be easier not to agonize too much. Usually when you have too many, worry about what to do with them. A quiet and peaceful life is possible even in this hectic world but for that, each of us must bring peace in himself (Aries).

If the sign of the moon shows us what possibilities we have, the activated astrological house shows the field of life brought to the center of attention. The New Moon in Aries and in the first house, a natural house of Aries, really lights a fire under us! More than any other new month of the year, it has the potential to bring major changes.

This new moon is here to teach us about ourselves and how to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves; First of all, we must learn to love ourselves, to know ourselves, and to enjoy our own company. This moon helps us to rediscover our thirst for life, our passionate nature and to follow our personal plans with a lot of courage.

This New Moon in Aries in the First House is about overcoming obstacles so that we can fulfill our aspirations. It is time to strongly believe in ourselves, in the uniqueness and divinity within us, to fight for our beliefs, to embrace our independent side. This is a call to tune in to cosmic energies so that we can find our purpose and our place in the cosmic order. When we conform to cosmic laws, our energies are shaped by the archetypal patterns of life, and we feel the full infusion of deep energies. This is how we live in harmony with the cosmos, with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.

The New Moon in Aries is the top of a minor astral triangle (New Moon in beneficial aspects with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius and the two are in a beautiful trine of air) which can be an important energy impulse to overcome barriers, restrictions, stagnation, blockages, which have stood in our way for a long time. This new moon of fire is excellent for overcoming external limitations and obstacles, for overcoming our fears of failure, our fear of getting sick, our fear of authority …… any kind of fear. Luck favors the brave.

The New Moon in Aries and in the first house is strong enough to get us out of any situation in which we feel deeply rooted. It brings opportunities to start again, to try new things, and to make different choices. Things are moving, the spark (ram-fire) sent from above can be an important support for new actions, for bold choices to unlock difficult life situations.

At the time of this New Moon in Aries, no major planet is retrograde which indicates that the Universe supports us to make bold choices and move on.

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