The full moon is a moment of “harvesting”, we reap what we sowed for better or worse, the past is analyzed, rewarded, or punished. Each zodiac sign is the host of a New Moon once a year and at a distance of six months, the same sign is the host of a Full Moon. Now, we are talking about the Full Moon in Libra at 8:17 which is directly related to the seeds of the New Moon in Libra in October 2020.

Aries – Libra polarity has to do with relationships, the relationship with myself (Aries), and my relationship with others (Libra). If Aries is about self-affirmation, courage, spontaneity, quick thinking, struggles, Libra makes us aware of our need for relationships, justice, and everything that defines a relationship-compromise, negotiation, fairness, grace, and balance. The shadow aspect of Libra is indecision, versatility, superficiality, cruelty, the need for recognition. The shadow aspect of Aries is impatience, selfishness, pride, the blow of Aries, problems related to the ego. The energy of the Full Moon in Libra brings to light the imbalances in relationships, partnerships, power, and justice generated by the conflict, rebellion, power struggles, impatience, hasty choices from the past (Aries).
With this full moon, we must strive to find a balance between Aries and Libra, between independence and union, war and peace, between satisfying our needs and following the needs of others. It asks us to understand where we have to assert ourselves with a lot of courage and where we have to cooperate, collaborate, be diplomats, understanding. Now, the need for freedom and authenticity (Aries) is strong and can go against cooperation or compromise (Libra) in certain situations. The Full Moon in Libra also asks us to find harmony in ourselves but also with those around us.

The more we tend to fight, nod, to solve things through aggression, the more things get confusing. Once calmed down, we can better assess what we need to do next. We must learn to simplify things, to learn that we cannot act beneficially if we are in a constant struggle with ourselves and those around us.
Now, relationships are the center of attention, whether we are talking about family relationships, work, marriages, the relationship with ourselves. Everything that is unbalanced will come to light, everything that is inclined to one side (Aries-self, selfishness, pride, individualism,) or to the other side (Libra-dependence on someone) for a period of time, is brought into the light and requires a strong rebalancing.

The Full Moon in Libra is the opposition between the Moon in Libra degree 8:17 and the Sun in Aries degree 8:17, activates the XI-V axis, an affective axis that requires finding a balance between the love given and the love received, between the love he/ we offer to those close to us – children, our own creations, boyfriend/girlfriend and the love we dedicate to humanity. Now love, friendships, insecure or wrong relationships can come to light, everything that is hidden in our relationship with a group, in our hopes, in our way of expressing our humanitarian qualities. The voice of the Full Moon in house XI becomes the voice of the imbalances in us and “I reconcile with myself and act animated by the highest ideals” is the requirement of this moon.
The sun in Aries’s hand in hand with Venus in Aries and in opposition to the Moon in Libra, can be quite useful in understanding and resolving conflicts or in their expansion, it all depends on how balanced and harmonious we are, how we understand that harmony creates the only harmony.

The Full Moon in Libra reads live the mythological story of Chiron in Aries. Abandoned by his parents at birth, Chiron was the wisest of the centaurs, whose story is not a pleasant one. The wounds caused by the arrow thrown by his friend Hercules were never healed. Chiron had to live with his wound and pain. He found ways to overcome his emotional and physical wounds. In many ways, Chiron was a victim, but he never allowed himself to play the role of the victim. He lived as badly wounded as he was. His energy teaches us to accept our pain as part of our evolution. As long as we accept ourselves as we are, the wounds can be healed. Moreover, by not becoming victims and having faith, we retain the power to heal. Through Chiron, we can learn to find strength in our pain that we recognize as part of our life plan, even those pains that are not our fault. The purpose of healing is not to completely eradicate the wound, but to take its power. The past shapes us but does not contain us. As we heal, we gain strength back and become stronger. We do not heal to become the person we lived before, we heal to become a stronger version of ourselves. Then we can use our experience to heal others and as Chiron, to make good use of our pain.

Through Chiron’s message in Aries, this full moon weighs “our deep wounds” caused by our relationships and fears, distrust of ourselves, our vulnerabilities, our victimizations, pride, suppressed anger, our inaction. “Courage is the fear that says a prayer,” Chiron tells us in Aries. It is time to neutralize our fears through faith, to understand that our most important relationship (Libra) is with God. It is time to seek divine help, rebuild our relationship with God, and seek guidance from Him, who clearly sees the true path that heals us.

The aspect of disjunction is almost always present when there is a major transformation that requires a price, a giving up of something, a loss. If the light aspects (sextile, trine) show us our gifts, the heavy aspects show us our struggles. When Uranus participates in the “astral choir”, we are like Prometheus who found himself tied up because he stole fire and gave it to humans, then released by Chiron who renounces immortality in his favor. No matter what comes, it cannot be controlled. Conflicts in relationships, in partnerships, are likely to become real “battlefields”, lack of discipline and rash emotions can aggravate this fight. At the same time, we can better see “the face of a relationship, of a partner, associate, justice, fighter for human rights.” However, the word “surprise” remains the key to the whole astrological picture. Plans can change, the need for freedom works above all else. Relationships of any kind (Uranus in house VII) are unstable, promises tend to be broken. This aspect is like a road on a ramp, you don’t know what’s coming and we need caution, increased attention.

Libra seeks harmony and balance in all things, especially in ourselves. The challenge of this full moon puts us to work to find all the tools, people, prayer, signs, travel, spiritual guides that can help us build this inner harmony. Sometimes, in order to learn about inner harmony, something acute appears a man, a situation, which creates disharmony. We must learn that our inner harmony is the most important, so we harmonize with the whole universe.

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