Saturn in Aquarius causes us to evolve

On 22 March 2020, the planet Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters the Aquarius sign, where it remains until March 2023 (with a small stop in Capricorn from summer to winter of 2020).

This astral event is a rare one, which last happened almost three decades ago (between 1991 and 1994).

Saturn is one of the most beloved planets. Not because it would have a direct adverse influence on us, as, for example, Mercury has retrograde, but because the Great Teacher, as he is told, is difficult to face and to improve.

Before giving us solutions, testing us, setting limits, facing difficult decisions, we are forced to accept our mistakes and weaknesses, only to be able to overcome them later. It is an uncomfortable, karmic, transformative planet, symbolic for the obstacles we face during our evolution on this Earth. Depending on how we know how to deal with them, they polish us, help us become better, wiser, more mature.

Those born under the influence of Saturn are generally persistent, tenacious, able to overcome unfavorable external circumstances, which each of us will succeed in the next period, if we show a lot of concentration and discipline.

Under the pressure of time

Saturn in Aquarius is like at home, in his diurnal home, so that it will manifest itself with full force. There is a period in which we will encounter situations meant to put on the wall the principles rooted, the desires, the traits that define us and that differentiate us from the rest of the world.

We don’t have to be afraid, because these are just what we can value when we least expect it. It’s about learning from the past to shape a better future for us. If at one point we broke a promise or didn’t make a commitment, now we will have to redeem our mistake.

We can feel stuck, pressed, put in the situation of making mistakes, getting up and repeatedly taking over. The more we accept our responsibilities more seriously, the better.

Wanting better

Although Saturn in Aquarius reveals our originality and differentiates us from the crowd, it also helps us to realize how our decisions affect those around us. We will now discover that together we are stronger, that if we join forces, we can change the world.

We will also feel responsible for those less fortunate than us and we want to make the Universe a more welcoming and prosperous place, using the most unconventional ways. We will need to have the voice of each of us heard, to strongly support what we believe is right, tolerance, but also passion.

Also Saturn in Aquarius can bring an extraordinary evolution in terms of technology, from which we will benefit to improve in particular the way we communicate, transmit information.

Saturn will shed lights on your fake and true friends also. He can be harsh sometimes to show us the ultimate goal, but some people will fall on the way.
I hope he will teach us more about the importance of charities and the protection of our world.
Saturn has also a positive side: reward for hard work.
In Aquarius it will teach us about humankind and collective power.
It will restructure our ways to look at the world, rebuilding the education system and the way we communicate.
We will move towards an online platform, so that we can spend more time what we value the most ( or should): family, self development and nature.
Saturn here becomes more idealistic and brave to break away from old patterns which do not serve us anymore.
It will integrate old and new ways.
Can you imagine working from home?
In my opinion it will be possible.
Do we need the fancy offices or spending hours a week to get to work when you can just be as productive from home too?

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