On July 20, 2020, we have the second new month in Cancer, the first was a solar eclipse in Cancer (June 21).
In the New Moon phase, the Sun and the Moon share the same zodiacal degree, it is the cosmic marriage of these two luminaries as they appear called in ancient astrology, it is the first pair that associates the masculine with the feminine in a unit.

A cosmic wedding is in a way different from an earthly wedding where the bride and groom receive gifts, now the astral marriage takes place in Cancer at 28:27, the light (the Sun) unites with the darkness (the Moon) and they begin to share gifts for all guests, especially for those born around the 20th of any zodiac sign. Right at the table of the astral groom (Sun and Moon in Cancer) and quite close sits the centaur Cyllarus on the degree 27:32 Cancer that highlights themes, things, which happen suddenly, without any programming, without an apparent cause both in for better or worse, you go somewhere to do something but the schedule changes.

“If you have something to say, say it, and if not, be silent forever” is the cosmic background of this astral wedding and the main witness Saturn retrograde in the degree 28:37 Capricorn presents precious testimonies from the past that block the way forward. The major challenge now comes through retrograde Saturn in Capricorn which can make the new beginnings be surrounded by some blockages, fears, doubts, guilt, dodging, inner and outer confusion, authorities that block our path.

We presentet the guests, let the cosmic wedding begin and share gifts for us earthlings, the direct beneficiaries of this important astral moment.

Each New Moon brings for us a time of initiation, the Universe sends on our energy with a business card “of new motivations, new challenges, new activities, new ideas, new understandings, new businesses, new practices, new people, new places, new stuff”. It is an astral business card with which we can access that field of life in which the sign of Cancer appears in everyone’s natal chart. The theme of this month in Cancer is about private space, a place of refuge, a home, traditions and commitments, mother, country of origin, domestic comfort, family ties, patriotism, relationships that offer safety and security to the soul, about children and children’s joy (we are all children in a way), about the soul. The moon in Cancer is the archetypal, gentle, healing mother.

She wants her babies to be safe in her nest and under her wing.
From ancient times the space in heaven, which we call Cancer, has always had a connection with births of any kind. In modern astrology, Cancer, a cardinal sign of water, is a gateway to life, it is the placenta of the zodiac, a place where there are no final ends and beginnings but only movement, water can never be stopped, but only transformed, only it changes its shape.

New Moon Cancer reminds us that every end brings a new beginning, just as water finds a way out and so can we now find a way out of a stalemate that affects us emotionally, that affects our physical and domestic security.

And as I wrote before, the sign Cancer asks us: “WHAT DO YOU FEED ON?”

It is the best time to change the “menu of the soul”, to feed on kindness, love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, faith, patience, acceptance of the other.

Because their task is to protect life, Cancers are equipped with long, graceful and sensitive antennas, with which they can feel (a powerful radar) and touch everything. Not coincidentally, the mantra of Cancer is “I feel everything”, so it is very important to let ourselves be guided by intuition, by the voice of the soul that speaks to us, to be very careful with what we eat and what commands we give to our subconscious.

The New Moon in Cancer feels and knows everything. But despite the nostalgia of Cancer, this astral moment asks us to resist the desire to look only back, to forgive, to honour our mother, to attract the positive energy of this moon through an attitude of goodness, comfort, harmony, peace in the soul. To practice forgiving historical wounds, to connect with the good and what works well in our lives. Only in this way can this energy bring miracles into our lives, our family, our country, our soul.

Now, the verb “to feel”, the magic verb of Cancer, is conjugated in house VII, a house that speaks essentially about how we relate to others, to our divine self. A New Moon in Cancer in house VII will put a special emphasis on relationships, life partners, associates, enemies on the face, aggression and competition in relationships.

Legal contracts that are written agreements between two partners, divorces, lawsuits, indictments, judges, lawyers, mediators, courts and final decisions of these courts are part of the language of this month in House VII. Although house VII is seen as a house of marriage, it actually governs all our qualities and defects reflected in our partners, in our enemies and rivals, which are in fact mirrors for us. So, the great lesson of this new month is about us, about the need to find peace, harmony and love in ourselves. This is how we will improve our relationships.

Saturn retrogrades in degree 28:39 Capricorn is the astral witness who puts the barrier of the new both by the aspect of close opposition with the New Moon in Cancer and by the facts of the past that he knows very well (he is retrograde).
As a celestial supervisor (it is the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye and has that beautiful ring showing that so far, I act), Saturn works in the great celestial plane and never gives more than we can take, does not ask us more than we can give. If we re-remember that Saturn is a teacher who says, “This is your place of work”, then all of us, both individually and collectively, may face some harsh truths about where we have tried to avoid the karmic lessons for which we are here on earth. Now there is no denial, no escape, Saturn brings us back to the same old problem because we have to solve it if we want news (new moon) in our lives. “Shortcuts” are not to the liking of Saturn-Lord of Time, and those who go by this method of “shortcuts,” a quick and careless way of doing things, may encounter serious problems now. Saturn helps us cultivate patience and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn rewards both patience and inattention, hurry, but in different ways. With Saturn retrograde in Capricorn in the first house in opposition to the New Moon in Cancer, the problems to be reanalyzed and solved are related to the authorities, parents, structures, career, responsibilities and commitments taken, family, thoughtless personal actions, impatience, dissatisfaction, efforts and ambitions professional, paying bills, presenting at work, caring for the elderly, parents. The past, the present and the future blend into one. If we have been negligent in the past, if we have run away from the responsibilities and promises assumed, now, certain events can take place that will “teach our minds” not to do that. It’s all about duties and responsibilities, effort, patience, attention, respect, parents, career, family and Saturn tests us in its unique way and we can’t run away from these tests.

But what does the centaur Cyllarus do in close conjunction with the New Moon in Cancer?

In mythology, Cyllarus was a young, handsome Centaur with a golden mane who loved his wife, Hylonome (10370). They were inseparable, more civilized than ordinary centaurs, and striving for their education. They can be compared to race centaurs, distinguished by themselves. While they were at a wedding, the wine consumed made the centaurs uncontrollable and they started fighting. Cyllarus got up from the table and got into a fight but was mortally wounded by a spear and died in the arms of his wife, who cannot save him. She commits suicide with the spear that killed Cyllarus. Cyllarus’ energy is a combination of unexpected, surprising, disruptive, innovative, shock (Uranus), drunkenness, sadness, confusion, sacrifice, altruism (Neptune) and Pluto – transformation, death.

Cyllarus highlights themes, things that happen out of the blue, without any scheduling, without an apparent cause for better or worse, you go somewhere to do something but the schedule changes. The sudden manifestation of some things leads to the extension of the results to those around, in relationships, social circles or other areas of life. Cyllarus chose to fight even though he initially came to a party and this fight brought him to death. Where Cyllarus appears prominently in aspects, it is important to be aware of our choices because they have unpredictable consequences that affect our loved ones in a profound way. Cyllarus’ main theme remains Hylonome, who chooses to endure the same tragic fate as his own. This New Moon hand in hand with Cyllarus clearly shows that we are a victim of our own choices. Being about Cancer and house VII, things that come out of the blue can be related to relationships, marriages, signed agreements, family, parents, children, secrets, women, enemies, they can change an initial state. As in social astrology, the Moon represents the people, democracy, public opinion, family life, this aspect of conjunction with Cylarus shows that we must learn that our actions always have consequences, not only for us but also for the country, clan, family, profession .

Who helps us get through these tough events more easily?

In connection with the retrograde Saturn in the degree of 28:39 Capricorn is the asteroid 355 Gabriel associated with the Archangel Gabriel.
Archangel Gabriel is our protective Archangel in the next period if we ask for his help. His name means “God is my strength.” He is an archangel of love. of material and spiritual gifts, brings the news we need. The news is always good, the messages of this wonderful archangel will never upset or hurt anyone.

He can help us tell the truth openly and honestly; to respect ourselves; to let ourselves be guided by intuition and our inner voice. Gabriel illuminates the path to the truth in our hearts and helps us discover the right path for us to follow.

Thank you!

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